So PBS did an episode over the Art of Animation & Motion Graphics as part of their Off Book series and some of my work was featured in the segment! I’ve also been getting a ton of questions in regards to what “animation” or “motion graphics” was for the Element contest, this video should really help give you guys an idea.

Aside from being very interesting and visually appealing to watch, the video briefly goes over some history about animation/motion graphics and explores how it has involved over the many years. The video really does bring out the beauty and freedom of animation and hopefully sparks some inspiration to you all.

If you’re interested to know, you can see some of my work at 3:50-3:53, 4:09-4:11, and 4:17-4:20. Interestingly enough, they featured a lot of my experimental test renders including Particular Flames, Element Test, and Pouring Roses (which they also used as a background for the opening segment title). Pretty sweet I must admit!