Contest: Win Video Copilot’s Element 3D

So many of you guys requested it, so here it is: You can get a chance to win Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin! I’m very excited to finally kick this off after much demand, it’s also pretty cool that Premiumbeat is pitching in some sweet assets for this contest.

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How to Enter

Step 1:

Create a 30 second animation using any of the 3 featured tracks graciously provided by Premiumbeat. You must use one of these 3 tracks in your animations, unaltered and unchanged, to qualify. You can listen and download the 3 tracks here.

Step 2:

Upload your finished animation to Vimeo and put a link to this post in the description of that video.

Step 3:

Submit your video by posting your video URL, name, and website in the comments down below. Follow me on Twitter @VinhSonNguyen to get the latest updates.

* Deadline is September 1, 2012
* The music tracks provided may only be used for this contest. Purchase the full license to use it commercially. 

How It Will Work

  • The best animation to utilize the provided audio wins a free copy of Element, so make the audio work well! I will also be featuring the top 10 best entries on the site for some additional recognition! With the help of Video Copilot’s Support, they will transfer the new license/purchase to a new designated account. That is how you will receive your product download, so having your own Video Copilot store account is required for the transfer.


  • Original works only. Do not use other people’s work.
  • Must be some sort of motion graphics. (2D/3D stuff is fine, just no film/video)

Things to Remember

The goal of this contest is to see how well you can utilize and incorporate the provided audio with your work. Craft your animation to where the audience would think the audio was the perfect pick for the work. Make your piece seem as if there were no better track in the face of this planet than the one provided. This is key: make the audio seem perfect for your animation.

There will only be 1 winner, but don’t let that discourage you! This is a great and fun little challenge to test your ability to work with audio. It also gives you a chance to have fun and create stuff for your reel. If your stuff is great, but didn’t make it to #1, there’s a chance you’ll be featured here on the Dojo to get some recognition for your awesome work!

That’s pretty much it folks, I’ll be announcing the winner after September 1st so get to work and have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll get to them soon. Also, many thanks to Premiumbeat for contributing the contest tracks! They’re awesome and you should definitely check them out.



  1. wow, I am new to this game (after effects) …but, you got to be in it to win it!!! Without bad luck, I would have no luck lol. pray for me VinhSon Nguyen 🙂

  2. Hi…Let me get this straight! We can do whatever we want as long as we utilize the provided audio?

    Can I do some 3d animation as well? Or it has to be 2d only?

    1. You are correct, you can do whatever you want as long as you use any of the 3 audio tracks and create an animation (not film). 2D/3D is considered animation so do whatever you’d like you 🙂

        1. For this contest, I’d like it to be strictly only motion graphics and no video. But once Optical Flares V2 is released, I’ll be throwing a contest aiming more at vfx/video 🙂

    1. Vimeo doesn’t have a limit of 30 seconds. I’m using Vimeo for this contest to easily gather/collect all the entries 🙂

        1. a 30 second animation should be fine within the 500mb limit. I’d recommend rendering full settings, add audio in video editor, compress with H.264, then upload that file.

          1. Preferably 720p. You’re right, 8-15 seconds of animation is around 2GB but after compressing to H.264, you should get about 50MB.

    1. Anything that brings out the audio, the goal is to try to match the visuals with the audio as best as you can. The rest is up to your creativity 🙂

    1. Seems exciting, that’s my favorite track out of the 3 🙂 Just make sure you get the un-watermarked version. If you have a watermark version, re-download it.

    1. You can use whatever you want as long as the finished piece is a motion graphics piece. Anything you create from scratch or “computer generated” is fine, just no videos/film 😉

    1. No, you can use C4D or anything you want as long as the final piece is a motion graphics piece, meaning graphically created, no film or video. Anything “computer generated” is fine. 🙂

  3. This sounds great! However, I go to the website and click on the download link for the track and it only opens a new tap and plays there. Is there another way to download it? Thanks

    1. If you click on the link and go to the Premiumbeat page, next to the “Play Track” button, there’s a download track button 🙂

  4. Im definitely in, like you said, even if I don’t win or get featured, at least I’ll have something to be proud of to put in my reel

    1. That’s absolutely the spirit! Have fun and create stuff, the Element 3D 1st place prize is just a bonus!

  5. I hope no professional worker joins this contest! Hahaha. LMAO. I’m talking about people who do this for their living. Haha Like Maya users etc etc. :)))))))))) ( NOOBIE HERE :\ )

  6. I started following creativedojo before summer and I love it, specially how you put things…sometimes when working for clients we forgot to have fun, and you bring it back in what you teach. Finally I decided to enter the contest this time … for fun! Thanks!

    1. This is my first contest, sorry but I have some questions 🙂

      1) deadline is september 1st at midnight or august 31th at midnight? (and which time zone!)
      2) Can we throw in some sound fx or the soundtrack should be “clean”?
      3) Do we have to display some text like, or we can put any title we like?


      1. Hey Andy. Deadline is September 1st at midnight, don’t worry about timezone, I won’t be too strict. No soundfx, it must be clean. And you don’t have to display any text you don’t want to, just do whatever you’d like 🙂

    2. Hey Andy, that’s awesome to hear! I hope to bring more enjoyable content here on the site. Really looking forward to your entry 🙂

  7. Hey vinhs, Can we put an intro something. Like the ones used by media artists. Like a “creative dojo productions” clip aside from 30 seconds or will u be strict on the 30 second rule?

  8. What if I used some CGI Models from Halo? Would that be okay? I mean this is just for a contest use, and its computer generated and all.

    1. Awesome work man, very nice set extension and grading! Unfortunately you didnt create a motion graphics piece except for the ending title animation. There’s still time to fix!

    1. You are creating a animation using graphics/vectors/computer 3d. The key here is using graphics you created like typography, particles, textures. No video taken from a camera. We are not trying to make a movie.

    1. Great use of the track buddy, seems almost “gospel” like, very inspirational and good 3D parallax.

    1. Don’t worry about it Serg, just keep doing the right thing. Some of these entries are not motion graphics at all but more “vfx”. Just keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

      1. me too 😐 anyhow, I did watch the PBS video. Judging from the videos I’ve seen, they’re CG, but looks vfx.. So what should be my take on this? >.<

        1. CG is fine. If it’s created digitally on your computer, you should be set. Just don’t use any videos 😛

    2. @Serg :
      Sorry man but it isn’t like davids video. Some of his scenes are VIDEOS. My scenes ar ONLY STILL IMAGES , and i animate them in 3D Space so they look as realistic as possible 🙂

      But keep it up buddy, giving up is the wrong way. There is no reason for it 🙂

      1. Eric is correct. His style is like a 3D “pop book” magazine style, he’s not aiming for photo-realism

      1. The models. no. Those are the actual models. But all the rigging and animation and so on was done by me. Did a lot of different rendering techniques too. Glad you liked it. 🙂

        1. The planet and the space environment was made by me though. Im not good at modeling characters or really complex objects. XD But I love animating. I thought doing halo styled stuff would fit well. 🙂

          1. You did a fine job animating the models as well as transition from each scene with the audio. I’d recommend some epic “Michael Bay” color grading any more subtle flares, but good work!

    1. aie there is a level here. I cant play with you :/
      i do abstract things 🙂
      I am going to finish monday i think

    1. And i see All people take the earth like example. We must do it? Because me i create something abstract.
      Excuse my english i am french 😉

      1. No, if you can stay away from the earth/space stuff, please do. Too many of that stuff already, something abstract would be awesome 🙂

  9. Hey Vinhson, I have a simple question: does it have to be a minimum of 30sec long? Because for now mine is approximately 22sec and I’m wondering if that’s one of the criterias?

    Best regards,


    1. Yes, 30 seconds exactly is the requirement. If all else fails, just make a intro/outro that’s 8 seconds to fill 😛

    1. Hey Harvey, your animation is great! It’s very dynamic and has variation. I think if you added some camera moves and add some more environment atmosphere in your scene it should be even more awesome! Also, try re-downloading the audio track, it shouldn’t have the watermark anymore.

    2. I do not understand, you say to 30s and here its 40s. Dod you know that the first song is 34s. So, when we use it the end cut net . Can we do a fade? or its not serious?

      1. I don’t think I ever said 40 seconds? It needs to be exactly 30 seconds, the tracks should be 30 seconds. You’re free to do whatever you want as long as it’s 30 sec. Don’t worry, I’m sure he will fix it 🙂

        1. ok thanks, so i fade it. i hate when it cut net.
          I modified again my video because miss something 🙂
          monday i think its good. i hope 😉

          1. Wait so….instead of having 34 seconds like the original track we should fade it out at 30? IS that right? Or can we keep the 4 seconds which are in the track?

  10. Sorry to bother you again, I just want to get things straight. I’ve been working on my animation for nearly 10 hours now and I just want to ask: so the main idea is that our music fits our animation perfectly and synchronizes well? And does having an 8sec out-tro sort of bring down the ‘score’? Because as I’ve said previously I’ve made a convincing 2D animation with a perfectly synced typography but 8sec of the 30sec is my out-tro. So does that lower our overall ‘score’?

    1. Nope, a 8 second intro doesn’t “lower” the score. Just make the audio seem PERFECt with your animation and you should be set!

      1. Oh, sorry but I am doing another one… :S
        It’s taking me a lot of time…
        Question, can we add sound effects to the video?
        Just in the background, without affecting the music.

      2. But the best one yet needs to come ^^ I think I’ll finish it tomorrow and after rendering it’ll be uploaded on.. wednesday or thursday..

  11. Im 20 seconds into my animation, I should have asked before but does the animation have to be some sort of title/into?

  12. I hope someone uses the third audio. 🙂 Many people used the 1st one. Quite tired hearing it after some time. Hahaha

        1. Try your best to keep it within the timeframe and don’t add any extra audio to it. But good music reaction and colors, I would’ve added more perspective/camera angles and movements, but overall good work! Thanks for your entry!

  13. I finish my vidéo and upload on vimeo but the quality is horrible. My vidéo is 1289/720 23,976 fps with 10mbps. Its a good quality no?

    1. I’m really digging the first part where it’s dark with streaming lights, it’s very dynamic with good syncing. The second part feels off, especially with no camera moves. Really great though! Can you change the privacy settings on the video so I can add it to my Vimeo Channel to manage all the entries?

      1. Yes The second Party just text move with caméra. Particules are syncing with music but we dont see because the rythm is a little bit same everytime and there are lot particules.
        I hope you will like.
        It must be see on HD.

    1. It definitely is fun watching all the submissions, I hope you have fun! You should participate in the next Kuler 5 🙂

        1. Kuler is a adobe product, Kuler 5 is a project Im doing with everyone! Search Kuler 5 on CreativeDojo

  14. So, the Holy grail score is about 34 seconds long, is it alright if I extent my composition to fit that?

    1. Wow, really like your work man, nice 2D animation. The only thing I would’ve done differently was to add more angles/scenes in and not mirror the 2 videos at the final blast, but good work.

      1. Yeah it’s two screens following each bullet thingie until they meet, it kinda looks mirrored so it didn’t turn out how I wanted, glad you like it though 🙂

  15. After quite some hours of work, and a lot of render time, refresh time, thinking time, looking at pictures time and audio syncing time: here it finally is!

    yet another space video, but quite different from the other ones I’ve seen!

    1. Awesome work, I’m very glad you spent lots of time on it! Here’s a few tips: It still looks a little empty, try adding more atmosphere and subtle elements. The planets looks flat and too sharp, and you’re only syncing to the audio a few times, the rest of the time it’s a bit static. Take a look at this video for some inspiration:

      But again, great work! I like it.

      1. I wish that I knew how to create that much atmosphere dude, but that is just too much for me.. I seriously looked at asteroids and comets but i was quite blank on how to create it.

        I’ll look if I have some more time to improve!

    2. WOW! Very nice! I agree with VinhSon, try to make it more “dynamic” (more camera movements, more different scenes…)

      My video is quite similar indeed… I uploaded it 2 days ago on youtube.
      I haven’t uploaded it to vimeo yet… but don’t worry, I will!
      Please, take a look! 😀
      I got the inspiration from those Star Trek credits! They’re awesome… (too much flares, but that’s J.J.Abrahams style, I supose…)
      Any suggestions with my video before I upload it to vimeo? 🙂

      Oh, and sorry for doing another space video…
      I started this as soon as I read this post. This took me lots of work and rendering (hours and hours of AE and 3d max burning up my computer).

      And another “Oh, sorry” if I made any mistake with english… I’m 16, I’m still learning it…

      As a friend of mine says: “Stay creative!”

      1. Did you seriously make all that? Fantastic job! Make sure you read all the directions to submit your video!

  16. hi, im gonna work on ‘Holy Grail’ track but its length is 34 seconds, and i need the fade out at the end, so do i have to limit my clip to just 30 seconds or i can use the whole 34 seconds of the track??
    another question, the prize is just Element 3D or the Element Studio bundle?!!:D:D

    1. I like it, lots of improvement since the first one! I’d love to see more camera angles, you did add a few, then it became stationary except with a little orbiting rotation. Good work though!

  17. This is exciting :3
    I’ll submit mine tomorrow or the day after. Special tip to those who have already submitted: you should of waited until the day before the deadline otherwise some people may steal some of your ideas (I’m not talking about me – I’m already done ^.^)

  18. xavinitram – nice try, but I looked at your youtube… you made the intro that were part of your 30 second contact movie 4 weeks ago! if we look in your entry 10 seconds of your movie you will find the same video
    you made 4 week ago
    I know you made it…but, come on….everybody got videos from before!!! I could made a video from MY video from youtube too!!
    Vin said…
    Must be some sort of motion graphics. (2D/3D stuff is fine, just no film/video)
    xavinitram said on his post “I started this as soon as I read this post. This took me lots of work and rendering (hours and hours of AE and 3d max burning up my computer).”
    for a minute, i said this guy win the contest… I believe you… but when I saw the videos from 4 week ago, i said…
    this kid a cheater!!
    ALL the kid from this contest work on here project, it not fair dat you should win.
    I am sorry for coming off wrong Vin….. i just speak my mind 🙂

    1. Don’t sweat it man, definitely speak your mind here! His content is fine, but he definitely should have created new content. The reason there’s a deadline is to see what you can come up with during the time given, not go back and take some old work.

      1. LOOL, i worked really hard on that video and some guy comes up with old material and almost the same idea! I mean if you look overall the idea is the same 🙁 If I had time for it I would have improved myself but I simply don’t have enough time for it 🙁

        Thanks for the research Sergio!

    2. Please, pause both videos and tell me if you see the difference. They’re not the same. Or just read the video description. And Vinhson, if you want me to send you the rest of the project files, I will. Jus’t look at the creation date and all the renders. I AM NOT A CHEATER. And don’t worry, that repeated clip will be out on the vimeo version, as well as the sound effects (indeed they were already out).

      I can do Screen captures so everybody will be able to believe me… (I’m not going to post here the project files, I’ll only send them to VinhSon if it is necessary)

      And Sergiobragg, I think I’ve never ofended you… (sorry if I did) there’s no reason to talk me that way.


      1. Hey buddy, I don’t doubt you, don’t worry. Really looking forward to your Vimeo submission. Stay in touch!

  19. Hy. I was not convinced by my first project so I tried something else or we see better sync particles and games camera. it’s not perfect but I like it anyway. with all my tests Its chaos in AE then 🙂
    Can I still change project?

      1. ok, thanks, i try to finish but AE do me an error “overflow”
        much particule someboy say me. (50000p/s) i dont think its much
        i hope i will finish before tomorrow night

  20. Hey Vinshon, here is my submission.

    I truly hope you enjoy because I invested about 12 hours of my life into making it. I tried making something original, not in space and with different music. Thanks for your time reading. 🙂



      1. I tried uploading again, this time with Vimeo’s recommended settings, but it still doesn’t finish. Also, when I rendered it out with these settings, the sound was really horrible, and I don’t know why. I think you can get the video by downloading it of the page (if you click original .AVI it downloads and plays fine), but I know you need it on Vimeo for the contest. Here’s the new link anyway –
        Just in case it works.

          1. Is there any other way I could enter? Or can someone who uploaded give me there render settings? I don’t know why Vimeo isn’t processing my video…

    1. Definitely a lot better than the first one, I like your transitions and echo style, it’s very motion graphics like! The only thing I could recommend is to play around with the easing velocities a little, it’s a bit jerky, and make it react to audio slightly more in the beginning, but other than that, very excellent!

        1. There’s only 1 winner but I will feature some of the top best. If you are included, I will quote your channel 🙂

    1. I like it man, very abstract with a sci fi feel. You’re one of the few who utilized different angles well. Great job!

  21. My render finish in 45min ago and i post on vimeo. I had lot of problem with camera’s movement and after effect did me an error overflow. i have used different techniques for movement. It was difficult. I didnt know particular and i CAN say its difficult the first Time we use it.
    Again 1h and the contest is finished 🙂

      1. yes Vinhson. i learned a little and gave me experience to explore this pluggins. We can do extraordinary things. But with organisation because if you will see in my AE you will be afraid 🙂
        there are everywhere :p

    1. Dont worry about being talkative, this is a community site! I will announce the winners on CreativeDojo first, then YouTube.

  22. Looking forward to see who the winner is and the runner ups! 🙂 The contest has been fun! Thanks Vinhson 🙂

  23. Almost almost almost! It’s 1.16 1-9-12 here in the Netherlands! Contest almost finished! Thanks for the experience Vihnson! I’m going to do a lot more space animations from now on ^^

  24. Whoa…finally I did it, here’s the link

    All done in AE with classic 3d. The timing in the ending part was better in my first version but was 34″ (like the soundtrack) , so to make it black at 30″ I had to shorten the title and now it looks slightly out of sync.
    I’d like to polish it more but this week I had very little time and it was a struggle working on it on my macbookpro without gpu acceleration 🙂
    There is some banding due to crappy h264 conversion of gradients from 32bpc project.

    I’ve seen very good works posted! Contratulations to everyone!

  25. ah com’on Vinhson, postpone the deadline, tell AK to advertise for this contest in, that would be fun!

  26. That was a great Contest Vin, it made a lot of fun to me 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the final results. Hopefully there will be more Design Contests in the future so we can show our skills again, and maybe win an awesome price 😉

    1. Thanks Eric, that’s what I wanted: A fun and enjoyable contest despite winning the grand prize! The next contest will probably be for Optical Flares V2

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