So many of you guys requested it, so here it is: You can get a chance to win Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin! I’m very excited to finally kick this off after much demand, it’s also pretty cool that Premiumbeat is pitching in some sweet assets for this contest.

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How to Enter

Step 1:

Create a 30 second animation using any of the 3 featured tracks graciously provided by Premiumbeat. You must use one of these 3 tracks in your animations, unaltered and unchanged, to qualify. You can listen and download the 3 tracks here.

Step 2:

Upload your finished animation to Vimeo and put a link to this post in the description of that video.

Step 3:

Submit your video by posting your video URL, name, and website in the comments down below. Follow me on Twitter @VinhSonNguyen to get the latest updates.

* Deadline is September 1, 2012
* The music tracks provided may only be used for this contest. Purchase the full license to use it commercially. 

How It Will Work

  • The best animation to utilize the provided audio wins a free copy of Element, so make the audio work well! I will also be featuring the top 10 best entries on the site for some additional recognition! With the help of Video Copilot’s Support, they will transfer the new license/purchase to a new designated account. That is how you will receive your product download, so having your own Video Copilot store account is required for the transfer.


  • Original works only. Do not use other people’s work.
  • Must be some sort of motion graphics. (2D/3D stuff is fine, just no film/video)

Things to Remember

The goal of this contest is to see how well you can utilize and incorporate the provided audio with your work. Craft your animation to where the audience would think the audio was the perfect pick for the work. Make your piece seem as if there were no better track in the face of this planet than the one provided. This is key: make the audio seem perfect for your animation.

There will only be 1 winner, but don’t let that discourage you! This is a great and fun little challenge to test your ability to work with audio. It also gives you a chance to have fun and create stuff for your reel. If your stuff is great, but didn’t make it to #1, there’s a chance you’ll be featured here on the Dojo to get some recognition for your awesome work!

That’s pretty much it folks, I’ll be announcing the winner after September 1st so get to work and have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll get to them soon. Also, many thanks to Premiumbeat for contributing the contest tracks! They’re awesome and you should definitely check them out.