Element 3D Contest Winner

The Element 3D contest is officially over and I would first like to thank everyone who participated and supported the contest. With your participation and support, I am able to continue to host contests like these in the future for everyone. We received 26 entries this time around with some highly recognizable works. It was difficult to choose 1 winner, but after much contemplation here is the winner!

First place goes to Xavier Martín Ramírez for creating one of the few best space entries! His work consists of multiple scenes with dynamic camera animations, diverse atmosphere and environments, and colorful space matter. Most of the scenes were created heavily using Trapcode Particular and a few images as custom particles. A lot of the flame elements were created in 3DS Max using FumeFX as well. Overall, a nice piece of work with a lot of variation and dynamic movements. Xavier will be receiving a purchased license of Element 3D!

Honorable Mentions

These entries didn’t make first place, but they were sure darn close and I would like to show off their great entries. Maybe one of you may win the next contest!

This work by Robert Merritt effectively utilizes 3D integration with motion graphics. I like the 3D animation and camera movements, it gives the whole piece a nice massive atmosphere feeling.


This piece by Tobias Tesar is a rather simple but smooth animation. Not only does the primary word react to audio, but the whole background letters react with the beat of the audio very nicely as well. A very elegant work with subtle background animation, depth of field, and a very fancy “LOVE” ending. Brilliant!


Next we have another unique entry by Anton Radacic. Like the previous entry, this entry is very subtle and simple, but effectively utilizes motion graphics. I love the still illustrations, use of textures, and subtle particles/dust movements.


Another simplistic still piece, this animation by Eric Prochnow creates an inspiring tone and mood. I really like the 3D parallaxing and ground transition. Great use of images without making it look too “vfx” or “film like”.


Although not completely motion graphics, Mohammad Salah did a fantastic job creating a “trailer” feel to his work. His underwater animation was well executed with detail and his pillar scene was very dramatic. Great work!

Again if you didn’t win this time around, don’t sweat it. With all the support, I’ll definitely be hosting several more contests in the future. Do not be discouraged, all entries were fantastic and I enjoyed watching them! Hopefully you guys all had a fun and great time creating your entries and learned from them as that is the most important part. Continue to create, explore, and experiment to improve and expand your work. Again, thank you for all the wonderful support and participation!

  1. Just WOW! Totally amazed at every entry. There’s no way i would have been able to make something okay last week because i was just to busy. Anyway everyone who made these here did a FANTASTIC job! 😀 Thumbs up to the winner too his look amazingly sweet.

    Great job guys and im really looking forward to the next contest! REALLY looking forward lol! hope to enter one too.

    1. Thanks for the kind words to everyone man! Everyone did a fantastic job! Next contest will be VFX based for Optical Flares V2 as the grand prize! (Once Video Copilot announces it of course)

      1. Oh ya! That sounds really fun because i’ve been wanting to get Optical Flares for a long time and now i’m definitely going to wait until they release V2 , (if its actually coming which im quite sure it is).

        Whoever wins it doesn’t matter because i will love to get the experience and put myself up to the challenge. 🙂

  2. It was a pretty fun and an awesome experience! Congratulations for Xavier Ramirez!!
    Thanks for Vinhson Nguyen for hosting the amazing contest! I am definitely going to enter the optical flare v2 contest when it comes out! 😀

  3. Just wow at Xavier’s work. He truly deserves the first place. 😀
    Very inspirational work.
    Also, im very honored to be one of the runner ups since there were so many submissions.

  4. Thankyou!
    And congratulations all the people who uploaded videos, there are some fantastic works which are really inspiring!

    By the way, it’s Xavier Martín Ramírez, not Xavier Ramírez, but it’s OK!

    This is a screen capture of the plugin… I have been playing around with it.

    If you’re interested in my work, check out my youtube channel:
    I have lots of videos, many stock footage clips for free and a few tutorials!
    Feel free to subscribe!

    I will be doing a video explaining how to create space scenes.
    It’s not exactly a tutorial, just a few tips that will really help you.

    Thanks everyone for participating and for your comments!

    See you next time!!!

  5. you would be better advertise for this contest more and even you could tell AK to say something about it in VC … then we could see more participants and pros resulting more impressive works i think … i could do a good job i guess if i was informed of the contest sooner or at least by a deadline extension because actually matching video with audio is my expertise but unfortunately i could not participate in the contest i’d love to … anyway, congratulation to the winner and thank you Vinhson for these type of things:)

    1. Definitely, it’s a little hard to get a hold of Andrew Kramer if you’re not J.J. or someone of that magnitude. Thanks!

  6. Was fun entering, this was the first contest like this that I have entered. Will definitely be try again for the next contest, Well-done to the winner and featured people 😀

  7. Yes it was fun to feel the deadline coming and a little competition is always good to do a better work 🙂
    For sure, I learned some lessons…hope to do better next time !

  8. I didn’t have enough time to do something for the contest, but as I can see from these magnificent projects, I wouldn’t stand even a slightly chance of winning XD

    Congratulations to all the participents and to the Winner, he really deserves it 😉

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