Here’s a quick animation I did using primarily the new Trapcode Mir plugin from Trapcode. When I had the chance to beta test Mir I did share with you guys a few still frames, but this is actually my first time popping out something with a bit of motion.


The goal was to create soft and fluid motion using Mir. As you guys may have seen a million times already, you can create some awesome hard rigid terrain and mountains using the plugin, so I wanted to bring in something a little more gentle than terrain. With Mir, you can very easily see how versatile the plugin is, you can easily create some very nice abstract renders just by playing around with lighting and shading.


For this animation, Mir was used to generate the organic and fluid geometry. Added in a few lights and switched on the ambient occlusion gave me very nice lighting and contrast. I then color corrected and color graded the animation using Magic Bullet Looks and finished it off with a bit of Mojo and some vignetting from Misfire. Let me tell you, it was tempting to just throw in a lens flare, but I stopped myself!


I hope to create a few more of these test animations using Mir very soon, hopefully one that focuses on depth of field and a glass look. Until then, enjoy this animation and have fun with Mir! If you guys create anything cool, post them in the comments below, I would love to see them!