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What is a LUT?

LUT stands for “look-up table” and is essentially a mathematical set of instructions to transform and alter the color of specific RGB image values to another set of values by altering properties like hue, saturation, and brightness. They can be purely technical, for example to convert sRGB color space to DCI P3 color space, or they can be used in more creative ways to achieve a “look” or color grade.

Filmmakers, editors, photographers, and colorists may use LUTs to save and re-use particular color grades or manipulations, which serves almost like a preset.

Why Use LUTs?

LUTs make it faster and more convenient to achieve a certain look or grade, especially if you intend on reusing this look often. Rather than creating the whole grade and color manipulation from scratch every time, a LUT can help facilitate this process. Remember, LUTs and other presets are starting points, they will not and should not serve as the final end point. Use them as starting points, then tweak and fine tune the image to perfection.

How to Install LUTs

View our detailed instructions on how to install LUTs here

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