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Take screenshots of your compositions and export them via any output template, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Save as JPEG (Adding New Format Options)

By default, Dojo Screenshot uses an undocumented After Effects feature to save the composition window as a PNG (skipping the Render Queue). This makes the saving method fast, but has some quirks when dealing with some transparency scenarios. This mode is called ‘Express Mode’.

You can use a more accurate method via the After Effects Render Queue where you can add any output format you want (that is supported by After Effects). This includes JPEG, TIFF, etc. Create/save a new output module template in the Render Queue and select whatever format you want (such as JPEG). The script will pull all the After Effects output module templates you have and you can select the template you want to use in the script settings.

Example: Create an output module template inside After Effects, name it “JPEG Custom”, and select JPEG for the format. Go into the script settings and select your new “JPEG Custom” template you just created. The script will now use this template when exporting via Render Queue and will save your screenshot as a JPEG file.


  • v1.3.1 (8/12/15)
    • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • v1.3 (7/12/15)
    • Fixed bug that prevented screenshots from being rendered via Render Queue if using decimal framerate
    • Screenshot save confirmation message now only shows one at a time in Info Panel (old messages are now cleared)
  • v1.2 (2/23/15)
    • New feature to save screenshot to any file format based on Output Module Templates
    • New graphical icon interface
    • Ability to set default save directory
    • Ability to set default file format template
    • Stripped color UI
    • Help window enhancements
    • Major code overhaul
  • v1.1 (8/11/14)
    • Ability to hide banner image (and saves preferences)
    • Slimmer colored interface
    • Fixed bug where UI wouldn’t fill properly at first launch
  • v1.0 (7/23/14)
    • Initial release
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