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Presets: pre-configured settings for popular keyframe eases. You can add/delete your own presets. If you want to delete all custom presets and restore to default, you can do so in the settings panel.

Speed/Influence: the four value inputs at the bottom allow you to directly modify the incoming speed/influence and outgoing speed/influence values of your keyframes. The various slider controls allow you to quickly modify these values in a visual way instead of manually typing values.

Copy & Paste Easing: you can copy the easing of one set of keyframes and paste them to another set of keyframes. Be sure the number of keyframes selected when pasting is the same number as when you copied the keyframe easing data.


  • v2.1 (2/6/22)
    • Added new presets to menu
    • Added option to reset and delete all custom presets to default
    • Refined ease copy feature
    • Updated networking/security check for newer versions of AE
    • Updated UI icons
    • Code cleanup
  • v2.0 (9/28/19)
    • Initial release
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