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  • v3.0 (4/27/20)
    • Completely re-written to give more natural randomized glitches
    • Added RGB Separation to control RGB split during glitches, differentiating from chromatic aberration
    • Added “Probability” sliders for glitch, artifact, and flicker options
    • Added “Artifact Detail” to control fine detail of artifact map
    • Flicker now uses “Exposure” effect instead of opacity
    • Added “Random Seed” under “Utility” which the script utilizes internally (cannot edit)
    • 3D layers now retain their Z position
    • Expressions now support multi-languages
    • Artifact speed now animates via “Offset Turbulence” instead of “Evolution” for more randomness
    • Refined default values and relabeled properties for clarity
  • v2.3 (10/5/18)
    • Pseudo effect preset is now embedded into the script, making it a single file script now
    • Fixed the pseudo effect bug where user would get a “Warning: Missing…” alert after running the script
    • Removed header image
    • Major code overhaul with UI changes
  • v2.2 (8/5/15)
    • Added “Artifact Width” and “Artifact Height”
    • Pseudo effect controllers are applied via preset file instead of internally via XML file
    • Removed colored UI
    • Added “Hide header image” option
    • UI enhancement
    • Help window enhancements
    • Major code overhaul
  • v2.1 (8/12/14)
    • Fixed bug where UI wouldn’t fill properly at first launch
    • Colored interface
    • Added “Run as Administrator” warning at install prompt
  • v2.0 (8/4/14)
    • Complete effect re-design using pseudo effects for cleaner controls
    • Proper enhanced digital block artifacts (no more Luma Mattes, uses perfect grey)
    • Expressions updated to more accurately represent ideal usage (math)
    • Added Pseudo Effect management in settings
    • Removed Mirror Edges, Shy, and Motion Blur options (now all enabled by default)
    • Displacement Map now has “Wrap Pixels Around” enabled for fixing edge cuts
    • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
    • Help window has its own function now
    • Added tabbed help menu
    • New logo header image
  • v1.5
    • Added ‘Lens Distortion’ for a more realistic chromatic aberration
    • Added ‘Artifact Size’ (Default is now 60)
    • Added ‘Check for Updates’ button in Help UI
  • v1.4
    • New header image
    • Moved Help button to header image area
    • Simplified UI
    • Support for multiple controllers when glitching multiple layers
    • Glitch controller names are dynamic with original glitch layer name
    • Glitch Source name are now dynamic with original layer name as prefix
    • Added ‘Artifact Displacement’ for a more realistic distortion glitch
    • Added ‘Shy’ option to shy all glitch sources except the red channel
    • Default Master Glitch Amount is now ’10’
    • Default Flickering Amount is now ‘0’
    • Now fully documented in Help button
    • Cleaned up code for better organization and faster execution
    • Proper layer order organization (RGB channels)
  • v1.3
    • Added “Allow Access to Write Files & Network” check and prompt
    • Added helpful tooltips
  • v1.2
    • Added mirror & tile feature
    • Updated banner image
    • New fancy help window
    • Updated bug that prevented lower layers from properly getting matted
    • Fixed current comp renaming issue
    • Consolidated script for single-file distribution
  • v1.1
    • Added header banner
    • Cleaned up code
  • v1.0
    • Initial release
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