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Create 3D Text Using Dojo Extruder Script

Today we’ll take a look at how to create some 3D extrusions, particularly 3D text, using the free Dojo Extruder Script. With Dojo Extruder, you can easily automate the creation of pseudo 3D extrusion with a click of a button. This is a great free alternative for those who don’t have Element 3D or other 3D plugins for After Effects. It’s also a great way to achieve 3D looking results for use in template creation if you do not want to use Element 3D in those projects.

Some Tips

By precomposing your source text layer/logo, you’ll be able to swap and edit the source and have the extrusion procedurally update. This is very useful if you don’t want to mess with 50+ duplicate copies! You can achieve some nice results by adding strokes, textures, and other fancy things in the source composition.

If you’re getting pixelated results, try enabling motion blur or turn on collapse transformation/rasterization for all the source duplicates, as well as your text layer/logo in the source composition.

Everything is parented to the control null, so use the null if you want to animate the position, rotation, etc of the 3D object. Don’t forget that everything reacts and works with AE lights! Throw in some lights to better light and shade the scene. Play around with the different text animators to get different results.

If you guys have any questions or ideas on how to improve this script, let me know in the comments below!