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Dojo Extruder Introduction Post
Here’s a nifty little script I created to automate the creation of ‘pseudo’ 3D extrusion. This script automatically creates multiple copy stacks and layers them on top of each other to achieve extrusion. You also have a few cool options to tweak shading, bevels, extrusion depth, and much more. The best part is, the script is free for everyone!


Why Use This Over Element 3D?

You simply don’t. This is not an alternative method if you have Element 3D at hand to create fast 3D extrusions. This script is purely here for those who need to create 3D extrusion and don’t have Element 3D or similar 3D plugins. This is also a handle script for VideoHive template makers who do not want to use Element 3D in their projects, but still want a fast way to create 3D extrusion.

How It Works

This script stacks a bunch of extrusion copies on top of each other to create extrusion depth. The script automates this process and also automatically creates a control null which everything is parented to. You have the option to control the extrusion amount by adjusting the Extrusion Depth. There are also lighting and shading options that will allow you to achieve a much more realistic and better looking result. Everything is fully reactive to AE lights and cameras. There’s also a quick option to soften things to smooth out the rough edges if needed. To move and animate the 3D object, you can use the control null’s position, rotation, etc.


Dojo Extruder is currently not compatible with After Effects CC 2014 13.0.0 – 13.0.2 due to a known bug in After Effects. Adobe is aware of the problem, in the meantime please use Dojo Glitch with After Effects CC and below.

This script is a free script under the “Name Your Own Price” platform, so if you find this script useful, feel free to donate whatever amount you’d like.

Download Dojo Extruder Script

If you’d rather skip the store procedures and download it immediately, you can unlock the download link by clicking on one of the social lockers above.

I enjoy writing these little scripts as it gives me a chance to practice my programming skills. Updates will roll out for this script periodically as I learn some more clever ways to automate the process. If you guys have any feedback or tips on how to improve this script, let me know in the comments below!

22 thoughts on “Introducing the Dojo Extruder Script by CreativeDojo

  1. And you did it again man! WoW, congratulations. You’re having a hapy scripting 🙂
    I’m trying this asap! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kenedy! Ever since I’ve been digging into AE scripting, I’ve been able to create little scripts to help my workflow tremendously!

      Let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve this script.

  2. Hi Vinhson,
    The script looks great!
    I’m a young programmer, like you. I made 3 scripts on my own for after effects and I’d like to give you some advices such as how to embed the banner into the code or the controls functions and GUI, but it’s too long to write it in a comment. Also I’d like to know some things in your code. If you are interested please give me your skype ID or facebook or something like that. If you want we could also make script together to improve ourself 🙂 (my email is:

      1. Oh, that’s because I’m making a script where the user caninstantly create a background composed by many layers and I asked on the COW forum for some advices on how to make it work better 🙂 The only thing I’d like to know is how to set up the take screenshot button in the dojo toolkit, nothing else. It’s just that I wanted to help you with YOUR script, let me know about it

  3. Definitely a great solution for those without Element3D a quick and easy way to create 3D titles , You’re doing a great job with all these scripts !!

    1. Thanks for the awesome feedback Camilo. This script was designed specifically for those without Element 3D, so I’m glad it’s doing its purpose 🙂

  4. Why do so many people doing tutorials say, “go ahead and” before each step? It doesn’t mean anything. As in “Now just go ahead and close this window” instead of “Now close this window.”

    1. Make a tutorial and find out. Saying “go ahead” and similar phrases are more natural to me and it’s something I would say to someone if I was teaching them in person. All personal preference.

  5. Vin, Would love to download your Extruder script, but there doesn’t seem to be any place below for linking to make the download. Am I missing something? Thanks and best regards. Your work looks amazing!

  6. Hi,

    Sorry I posted this in the product page, but didn’t update this post to include the warning. There’s a bug with AE CC 2014 that prevents pseudo effects from being applied via scripting. This affects all scripts that utilize pseudo effects, not just mine.

    Until Adobe fixes this bug, the only solution is to use AE CC (2013) or lower. I apologize for the inconvenience!

    1. If you’re using AE version 12 or above, update to the latest version and you won’t get that error message anymore (Adobe took out that error msg).

      Even though you’re getting an error message, the controls should still work.

  7. Why Run “Missing: (DojoExtruder Resources)” Folder Verify that the folder is in the same directory as the script.
    I Install file to “ScriptUI panel”

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