Element 3D

  • 3D object-based particle engine
  • Work and integrate 3D into After Effects

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Element 3D is a 3D object-based particle engine that allows you to work, manipulate, and render your 3D models right inside After Effects. Speed up your 3D workflow in After Effects using Element 3D.


  • Import & animate OBJ or Cinema 4D files and render them right in After Effects
  • Apply and modify your model’s textures and supports UV texture coordinates
  • Distribute your objects into grid arrays or shapes
  • Create materials, import textures, and customize diffuse, specular, and more
  • Animate your objects using the Animation Engine (supports pre-fractured objects too)
  • Advanced OpenGL renderer optimized for speed
  • Supports Depth of Field, Motion Blur, AE Lights, RT Ambient Occlusion, and more
  • Render individual render passes such as Z-Pass, Wireframe, Specular, and Normals
  • Extrude text and mask shapes and apply bevels
  • Add reflections via environment maps
  • Advanced user interface to customize your models
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Dojo Review

Element 3D is one of those plugins that I recommend to every single After Effects user out there, no matter what type of work you’re doing. It’s powerful, it’s robust, and it makes working with 3D in After Effects simple. Element 3D is extremely fast and is tightly integrated into After Effects so you can manipulate and composite your 3D objects easily. There are tons of options to replicate and animate your objects, making it the perfect tool to integrate 3D into your After Effects workflow.

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