Trapcode Particular

  • Powerful 3D Particle System
  • Advance Physics Engine

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Trapcode Particular is a powerful and robust 3D particle system plugin for Adobe After Effects that allows you to generate beautiful particle effects very fast. If you had to buy one plugin for After Effects, this is the plugin I would recommend.


  • Advanced Physics Engine – add realism with physics such as turbulence and gravity to your particle animations
  • Self Shadowing – Dynamic shadowing and interaction with AE lights
  • Auxiliary Particles – Create complex particle systems by emitting particles from other particles
  • Custom Particles – Use a custom image as particles for diverse looks
  • Reflection Maps – Textured Polygon particles can use a custom layer for reflections
  • Particle Types – Many different particle types such as cloudlet or streaklet
  • Full 3D – Integrates in 3D space and reacts to AE cameras and lights
  • Depth of Field – Full support for depth of field within AE cameras.
  • Motion Blur – Works with AE’s native motion blur for realistic fast moving particles.
  • 32 Bit Support – HDR quality colors for beautiful glows.
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The Dojo Review

This plugin is so incredibly useful that I use it in nearly every project I work on in some sort of way. For motion graphics, it’s a necessity for impactful titles and organic particle effects. For vfx, it’s insanely helpful for simulating rain, smoke, sparks, and much more. If you could only afford to buy one plugin, buy this one! It’s diverse and can be used for a myriad of things.


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