Frischluft Lenscare

  • High Quality Camera Blurs
  • Fast 2D Post Depth of Field

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Frischluft Lenscare is a pack of plugins that help you achieve quality camera blurs and depth of field in your projects.


  • Depth of Field – Realistic depth of field using Z-depth map
  • Out of Focus – Constant radius blur for fast out of focused elements
  • Lens Aperture – Wide range of simulated apertures and looks
  • Highlights – Realistic highlight blurs
  • Speed – Insanely fast processing
  • Quality – Physically based algorithms for true realism

The Dojo Review

Frischluft Lenscare is the fastest and best solution for creating realistic blurs within After Effects. Lenscare takes the extra long Depth of Field render times within 3D applications away and recreates it beautiful with extreme speed (faster than After Effects’ built in Camera Lens Blur. There are tons of options to fine tune your blurs for realism and you can use Z-depth passes to drive and choose what is in focused and what is not. If you do a lot of CG or VFX work and want to add depth of field in post, this is the plugin set you want.

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