Optical Flares

  • Realistic and fast 3D lens flares
  • Build and design your own flares

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Optical Flares is the industry standard plugin for creating and designing lens flares for your animations and films.


  • 3D Lens Flares – 3D flares integrated into your 3D scenes
  • Real Textures – Uses real images of flares elements for realism
  • Track Lights – Create flares based on light position, color, and brightness
  • Dynamic Triggering – Flares can dynamically react and change depending on action without any keyframes
  • Flicker & 3D Occlusion – Add flickering and obscure flares in 3D
  • 32 Bit & GPU Accelerated – Support for 32bpc with GPU acceleration for fast rendering speeds
  • Design Studio – Build and modify your own flares and save them for later use.
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The Dojo Review

Optical Flares is my favorite lens flare plugin for After Effects. It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and you can easily customize and save your flares for future use. The integration with After Effects is solid and integrates well, reducing most of the 3D flaws that comes when working with After Effects. This should be the plugin you use to create realistic 3D flares for your projects.

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