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Dojo Array Connector Script

Suggested Price: $8.99

  • Generate connections between any layers
  • Customizable controls over appearance and behaviors
  • Description

    Product Description

    Dojo Array Connector is a script developed to link and connect multiple layers into a visual grid array. The script is perfect for creating map directions, data visualization, infographics, and more.

    Demo Video:


    • Instantly create connections between layers
    • Customizable controls over appearance and behaviors
    • Individual control over lines and points for easier compositing/stylization
    • Fully interactive 3D
    • Works with all layers including nulls, lights, and images



    v1.1 (8/4/15)

    • Script now uses layer anchor points for points/lines for flexibility
    • Pseudo effect controllers are applied via preset file instead of internally via XML file
    • Improved connection algorithm that avoids duplicate connection lines
    • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
    • Code cleanup

    v1.0 (6/2/15)

    • Initial release