• Add smooth easing and soft overshoot text animations
  • Fully responsive, auto-animates, fully rigged with controls

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Typeflow is an After Effects text preset that makes it super simple to create quick easing and overshoot text animations, without the hassle of rigging up expressions and text animators or messing with keyframes. Typeflow is fully customizable and responsive, allowing you to quickly create smooth modern text animations so you can get back to animating that epic title design or product shot.


  • Adds smooth clean easing with soft overshoot¬†controls
  • Auto-animates based on text layer in-point, out-point, or based on markers
  • Animate text in order or add randomization¬†to timing
  • Reveal text based on lines, words, characters, or a mixture of two to add beautiful secondary animations
  • Fully customizable, with support for position, scale, rotation, opacity, and other text animator properties
  • Ability to enable/disable the intro or outro animations

Demo Video


v1.0 (1/22/21)
– Initial release

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