Responsive Auto Scale

  • Make text and other layers resize to fit a specific size
  • Limit upscaling, anchor point, and more

Get Responsive Auto Scale

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A handy preset for After Effects that makes your layer responsive, dynamically resizing to fit a certain width or height. It’s perfect for fixed dimension designs, lower thirds, or template layouts where you don’t want things to break just because of the size differences of elements. This preset was originally designed for use with text layers, but will work with virtually all layers including footage, graphics, etc.


  • Automatically scale up or down to fit a certain width or height requirement
  • Ability to restrict upscaling if not needed
  • Alignment options for left, centered, and right
  • Requires After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2) or higher


Demo Video


v1.0 (9/30/21)
- Initial release

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