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Quick Animations Using Free Animation Composer Plugin

Animation Composer by Mister Horse is a free plugin for After Effects that makes it dead simple to apply powerful and dynamic transitions and effects to layers, quickly and easily. You can achieve results such as overshoot, rubber easing, wobbles, and much more to add nice secondary animations to your projects without the hassle of modifying expressions/keyframes. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the general overview of Animation Composer.

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Animation Composer also works well with existing values and keyframes, so it won’t reset or destroy your current work and will simply apply the transitions and effects on top of your existing animations. All effects are customizable in the Effects Controls panel, so you can tweak everything to your likings. All transition times can be modified by offsetting the layers’ inPoint, outPoint, or markers, making it simple to re-time the effect animations. Animation Composer also comes with a tool to help you shift and offset the timing of effects of multiple layers.

Lastly, you can buy additional effects and transitions at their store to expand the Animation Composer library. They’re extremely affordable and well worth their purchase to support these guys. Animation Composer is an extremely handy plugin, one that every motion designer should have in their toolkit. Let me know what you guys think about Animation Composer in the comments below.