Giveaway: AE Sweet Script for After Effects

I proudly present the second major giveaway exclusively for the CreativeDojo community: A chance to win a copy of the new sweet Script for After Effects

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For those of you who don’t know, sweet for After Effects is a preset based script which allows you to quickly build and add smooth animation transitions and graphics in your projects. It’s fast, customizable, and most importantly it’s easy.

If you’re interested in motion graphics and want to build some awesome animations with this insanely cool script, you’re in luck because CreativeDojo is giving away 35 (yes, 34+1) copies of sweet! 

Giveaway Details

  • 35 winners will receive a license of sweet + a random pack
  • 5 winners per pack
  • Giveaway ends on Friday (Oct. 4, 2013)
  • Winners will be randomly selected from the comment list + social media

How to Enter and Win

  1. Comment on this post below stating why you want to use ‘sweet’
  2. Click one of the buttons below to share this giveaway
  3. One comment entry per user. Each share is an additional entry. (Basically, comment once to enter, share as much as you want for more entries and a better chance to win!)

Special thanks to the aesweets team for making this giveaway possible. The script is incredibly useful, handy, and very affordable. You get the flexibility to choose which pack you want (buy them all!) and the amount of time this will save you is well worth the price. So if you want to skip the wait and get your copy now, you can download a free 7 day trial and purchase sweet here.

I am extremely happy to be able to offer such a giveaway to the wonderful community. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the giveaway or ‘sweet’, feel free to post a comment below!

  1. i want to create something special, unique and outstanding. sweet is the only way i can achieve it. please pick me. i wanna use this.

  2. Awesome. I love the way these shapes animation. The easy ease and smooth transitions would really help my work in showing some quality.

  3. I have an assignment coming up for making a presentation video for a client who wishes to use that video as an introduction of his new webproduct to his customers. This would really work for that video! I do not yet have enough after effects experience to make all this myself, so this would be a huge help for me. 🙂

  4. Sweet is a fresh easy plug-in and saves a lot a of time 🙂
    Perfect for me to use when I need colorful smooth motion design animations

  5. I love motion graphics, but it it takes a long time to make really good motion graphics. That’s why I need the sweet script and I hope I’ll win.^^

  6. It would be a awesome tool for me since i’m cuting a lot of stuff and dont have time to make face animations for my videos as well

  7. Wow ! is An Amazing Script It is Just Petty “Sweet” definitely A great tool to make Great Looking Animations , ill like to use Sweet To make Really GOOD! Animations! with those great Transitions And Paths! Wow!! the possibilities are great!!! Outstanding! They Really Did A great Job Making This!

  8. I have a lot of plans to use the new sweets plugin , I make so many motion graphics as it is, this would save me an incredible amount of time!

  9. I’ve never had to chance to try out a really good script and I’m also not very good at 2D animation in After Effects :/ But with this script I believe I can forget those problems 😀 I REALLY want to do easy 2D animations in After Effects!!! I’m going to sound like a fan girl right now, but OMG I WANT IT <33

  10. I want to win this for doing intros, outros and other stuff. This is pretty nice to do giveaways like this one ! (Sorry for my english, I’m french 🙂 )

  11. I would use Sweet to help me to make intros for smaller channels on YouTube – again, to give back to the community.

  12. I want to win Sweets because I want to start getting into shape layers! Been following a lot of VFX Bro’s tuts and Acrez so having these will definitely help me learn a few more things and improve my workflow exponentially!

  13. I want this script because i want to learn how it works this stuff. I know something about animations and how to work with AE, but is a little hard. And i want to learn more, to make something like this, without any help, without any script, but at start i need some help. Thanks.

  14. I’m a 12 year old who loves making movies, vfx, motion graphics, animation and a bunch of other stuff like that. I’m trying to learn motion graphics right now (still a beginner) and i think the sweets pack would really help me understand motion graphics and animation and perhaps give me some inspiration. I would buy it but we are not the most wealthy family in the world…
    If i don’t get it i’ll probably wish for my birthday. (11 november)

  15. Being a 15 year old enthusiast in motion graphics and visual effects, it would be absolutely great to be able to win a pack of the sweet script for AE. Although I have been doing motion graphics for 3 years, I’ve gave lessons to people who have turned out to have great potential. While teaching I realised that there is always new stuff coming through the door of imagination and creativity and to keep those doors wide open. This script will allow me to expand my creativity and ability when animating as well as being able to learn from it by going deep into the script and seeing how it was made. In the end this would help me in pursuing a career in motion graphics, visual effects and video editing.

  16. i do Mograph for a living and i was always looking to learn this type of animations, i will be so thankful if i can get sweet script … i will love to pay it by my self but i dont have the money to do it… btw sorry if there’s any mistake in the grammar , english is not my 1st lang.

  17. I really loved how people can make all what imagine in their minds on AE…so I stared learning this program about almost year now.and I really enjoy watching tutorials to make something new that I couldn’t imagine that is possible to make on AE…so I really want to use every thing that could help me to be more creative.

    hope the best for all people who want to win.

  18. I work with AE every day. And every day I seek for more and more organic animations. Sweet seens to be one of the answers for my problem. In the other hand i found that Scripts and expressions have a very interesting way to animate vectors and I would like to study that more deeply. Finally, it is an excuse for me to use my so loved shape layers.

  19. I did a some tests and played with it , I’ll love to test it more.. I guess the name Sweet dose not give it justice but Sweet..

    I wish if the creators can make bundles from the packs if some one interested in to purchased them all together.

    I did not find a way to CONTACT them but maybe VinhSon can help me!

    1. Also, Are they planning on CC support any time soon? for me CC more reliable and faster so I don’t use CS6 unless it’s necessary.

      1. I will get back to you on that. I believe CC version is halted because CC ScriptUI has changed a lot and is messing up a lot of scripts. Adobe hasn’t released the changes yet, so it’s very difficult. (I am running into this problem with my own script)

        1. Thanks Vinh,

          Yes, I do remember your script and Thanks for it by the way.

          I wish if Adobe just release the ScriptUI changes so we can stick to one AE version to work with.

  20. I would really love this so I can express my creativity, my family and I are pressed for money, and after effects was very hard to afford. This would be amazing if I even had a chance of winning this. Thanks so much.

  21. Theyve said it all . But my only reason why I want to win this contest is because I cant purchase it from my country.because paypal isnt available and banks dont issue credit cards in Ghana.Nonetheless , I tested this great tool and its a must have for every mographer.followed it for months n cant have it ..:(

  22. I’d love to use lines and swirls and colorful solids to make the design world a happier pixel wonderland. Thanks!

  23. I love animation, but vector based and 2d animation is my favorite. having shapes swirl around and tell the story for you is amazing, saw another post for this and didnt even know it was a contest, I just loved the style cause it goes with what I want to create. This would also further my goals to make animation and graphic design my career, since this is a passion of mine

  24. I just got myself into college of Digital arts in Italy and my major will be video editing/animation and I will use this script to easily “learn the ropes”. I’ve always been interested in motion graphics and I’ve also bought myself a high end pc to start editing and creating more complex videos. This script would be really helpful during my learning process how everything works and why and how could I make it better.

  25. I would love this script to help me start out in the world of freelancer animation and it would also help me imensely in my new media arts class to possibly win me a scholorship.

    The script also looks amazing and would look great with some of the other work i’ve done and might even get me a job.

  26. i really want to push the detail and level of complexity of my AE projects sweets seems like a really helpful way to streamline that process and I love getting new plug-in/presets to experiment with and learn

  27. As an inspiring free lance editor/VFX/Motion graphic artist. This pack would help me out extremely in my line of work. Allowing me to work faster, and more efficiently on the projects! While learning and exploring new things..

  28. Greeting, I’m a big fan of your tutorial. Last summer I develop a passion for motion graphics at the point that know whenever I get a little break from college I spend it on the computer watching tutorials and reading articles about AE and C4D. I want to become a project manager and one of the reasons I’m learning AE is to implement my knowledge of motion graphics to make animated and professional presentation of new project and company activities. Also, I love to try and learn new tricks in after effects and with the help of sweet Script I could make awesome animation to share activities of my college association and future work. Have a good day/nigh/evening (depending on the time you are reading this comment).

  29. I really want to use this sweet custom too l because I need some creative help with my upcoming major project for school and this would look sensational in it!

  30. I work on a media team at my school, Judson University, in Chicago. I am the only videographer/motion graphics guy. They love to pile the video projects on me. I would love to use Sweet because it would help me create stunning motion graphics very quick and efficiently! Would be a huge help to me and I would love to spread the word about CreativeDojo and aesweets to my entire school and media team!

  31. well that’s easy. I want to create a new intro for my YouTube channel as my current one is horrible. graphic design is effective and powerful, but sometimes a pain 🙂

  32. Well, im new into the motion graphics world and to be honest im not really skilled, so i have been learning and practicing all what i can, the addon seems to have a lot of potential and so i will like to use it in my learning path and of course (some day) in my profesional work 🙂

  33. I would love to improve on my skills by starting out with a basic template. Its also super pretty and clean and i love it so much. It would help me so much.

  34. I’ve been exploring animating along with my video editing that I normally do. It would be great to learn and explorer with this.

  35. I’d like to win it to create amazing intros or animations and show them to the russian community

  36. I would like to win one of these as, I am new to After Effects and other Video editing tools, I am trying to perfect myself out in animations for intros, and using Sweet, It would become a lot easier..:)

  37. With this tool I’d be able to create whatever I want without having to go through hours of key-framing. This will save me a lot of frustration 🙂

  38. … because while hours of work animating hundreds of shape layers looks good, looking good AND finishing early (so that I can goof off) is the best part about tools like Sweet.
    I need this…
    (read: I want more free time to go play outside)

  39. Seem a promising tool, not sure if it’s really that user friendly, really want to try and definitely will recommend to colleagues if it’s really a gd one

  40. I’m a motion graphics designer (mostly 3D) and I really want to get better in 2D animation! So this script looks perfect to improve my results, I would be really happy if I can get one 🙂

    I think it would give me more inspiration!

  41. I’ll be able to create flat designs and motions without having to hassle with keyframes and dealing with vectors as much. Being a graphics designer, I’ll be able to save time and get more work done with this script, and more likely to produce higher quality content.

  42. I want “sweet” because i want to create some 2D designs.They look very nice. And i’m a Motion Graphics Designer!!
    P/s: Are you Vietnamese ??? I’m Vietnamese too

  43. I want it because i want to learn how to do that. I’m a beginner and it must be useful for further propose.

  44. I want to use ‘sweet’ because i’m a beginner and i want learn much more things , like transitions and others effects!

  45. I would greatly appreciate acquiring ‘sweet’ because I wish to become a 2D motion designer, and this is one of the scripts that would help me achieve that (I want to learn how to create them). Anyway, good luck to everyone & have an awesome day =)

  46. I really want to win the giveaway, because i just started a scholling of editor and i think it’s a good way to understand how 2d motion design work

  47. I’d like to get sweet in order to make awesome transition in my vid’s and get what is looking like the best customizable pack for 2d animation !

  48. I would love to get hands on this plugin.

    Im gonna be using it for motion graphics and school projects to full fil my dream of becoming a motion graphics artist and make animations and videos 😀 hope i get it

  49. Well, it creates some sweet graphics 🙂 It would save me a lot of time and make everything look sooo much more professional!

  50. This is sooo cool!! I have alws been a fan of such vector base animations and obviously winning this pack would be soo cool!!

  51. I’d like this program cause I’m currently learning animation in uni, and since I know how to use after effects this will be very handy.

  52. this looks like something I could use all the time in my line of work.
    it seems like a killer script and something I would love to utilize.

  53. I’m just starting to learn motion graphics and I am in love with this tool. I feel like I would use it for everything!

  54. I do a lot of this work manually. It’d be nice to be able to iterate and experiment in a quicker manner. Really looking forward to messing around with it after my current project wraps up.

  55. I think as an artist there should be a freedom of work…. and using a demo is a bar to freedom…. I loved your AEsweet script……… So I hope you will give me freedom to visualize my imagination. Thanks a lot….

  56. I am making a introduction video for my school and like to blow my teachers away with AEsweet! I also want to show my classmates how awesome AEsweet script is, if i can get my hands on it.

  57. Hi Vinhson. The reason I need this software, is I am getting bigger and better paying gigs for videography and editing. As a startup, I have a very small budget to work with, and something like this would really help me make my business grow quickly by offering the “wow” factor everyone is looking for in their corporate, private, and other videos. Thank you Vinhson, you have been and continue to be a great inspiration in my work.

  58. This script and product it beautiful! I can think of countless ways I could use it in various projects. Please pick me! 🙂

  59. Building transitions from scratch takes a TON of time! Having this script would save me sooo much valuable time and give my work that extra layer of polish that will make it stand out!

  60. This is super useful script i ever seen. I am suck at motion graphics for a long time. Now it is no more !

  61. I wanna use for it so so much … I always headache design about the transition for my motiongraphic stuffs ~~ Thanks And Regard.

  62. It’s a helpful script, but what I don’t like about it is there is just one style of animation is using at the same time. I know I’m silly but it only helps for all guys who want to make a faster way for client. But it may be bad for who want to make their style & show their skill & practice.

    Nah, don’t mind about it, it’s just my thought, but It’s an awesome script, yeah! It’s perfect :p

    1. Well, the script is in full vector and allows you to customize the shapes after they are created, so you can still craft the animation to your own style!

  63. helloo,
    i’v tried Sweet AE , it is powerful tool to make your animation testy and smooth, makes life easer for motion designer to do the transitions and explositons … a lot more

  64. It will really help with creating seamless movements and transitions of After Effects – which is so hard to achieve sometimes!

  65. I want to use Sweet because I see a great opportunity in this Plug-In to increase my work to a higher Level and I also like to find new ways to to bring my Ideas to a project.

  66. Very nice! This is useful for an expression’s bullhead like me! This will come to compliment my startup arsenal of great add-ons, will be able to look like a pro with little effort.. Well your effort Vinh. Thanks for the oportunity.

  67. Its a very cool effects and it makes awesome ads commercials or facts documentary plus it has and awesome cool reel and pattens ,love the simple and beautiful

  68. First off this is awesome, love the designs! I want to use sweet to create a video just like your promo to induce seizures… oh and to make my work look a lot prettier and less dull as I work in a students’ union and students are more likely to pay attention if they are hypnotised by all the lovely colours, shapes and animations… but mostly the seizure thing.

  69. My projects were a little slim before I used the beta/demo. Sweet would help me add much needed calories for that extra boost, saving me time and energy on my animations!

  70. I Want to use AE Sweets to use it for my submission in Dubai Film Festival 2013!!
    And use it for my other projects im doing recently! 😀

  71. I just wanna have AE Sweets, because of the new possibilities to work on a faster and higher level. somehow 😀

  72. I do a lot of design work and having this would be so much fun. But right now I just want to play with it so bad 🙂

  73. i want sweet plug in cuz it really boosts my workflow because these animations are really great for projects and its way more easy than creating something from 0 because
    it takes alot of time

  74. Hehe, I just think it looks very interesting and I would like to find out what I can apply it to, in my videos 😀

  75. I want the Sweet plug-in because I animate a lot during the day and always wondered why my animations don’t look as nice as they can. All this time I’ve been too small to get over my ego and just look for scripts like this online, and tried to do everything by myself and I’m slowly beginning to realize that that isn’t an efficient or a smart way to work.

    Found this site through a tutorial on how to do color revealing stuff in After Effects, and I’m not sure if I would have ever seen this had I not seen that tutorial. I didnt know there was even scripts for this stuff, feel like such an idiot!

    If I don’t win, that’s cool, I’ll buy it anyway. But I figured I would give this a shot. 🙂

  76. Hey man, I’m excited about the chance to win this script cause I’m chewing through everything After Effects and some of these effects are just awesome! I would probably use alot of it to further my motion graphics career and if I don’t win, I’ll probably buy it anyway. Keep up the good work!

  77. I would love to have such a cool script like sweet, since I would be able to make my animations faster and I would thus be able to work more efficiently.

  78. Hey, I’m starting to after effects, Polish “motion designer”. I love to do intros and animations 2d. Unfortunately, now my funds do not suffice me to purchase this add-on. For sure I would use it to make presentations to schools, competitions and intros, various animations in after effects. This plugin is very nuanced and interesting and gives a lot of possibilities for completely smooth animation. Because of this I would like to win this plugin (script)! Partly translated using Google Translate. (sorry for the mistakes!)

  79. I would use Sweets on a daily basis as a motion graphics artist! It has the potential to really spice up my animations quickly and professionally!

  80. I want Sweets because it would improve my assignments by taking inspiration and make my videos more professional looking for my clients~ 🙂

  81. I’m starting to after effects, spanish “motion designer”. I love to do intros and animations 2d. I want Sweets because it would improve my assignments!

  82. I believe i should get this script for after effects because iv started university to learn animation and motion graphics and i believe this script would help me in my studies understand more about motion graphics as it will be part of my work! In Addition, i make my own Youtube videos around kpop and such and this would be perfect to make my video stand out more and also make them look more professional 😀 I hope you see this comment and hopefully i am one of the lucky ones :3 Good Luck to everyone and I hope you win too. Byee!

  83. Thank you for giving this chance! This is definitely one legendary weapon that any motion design knights should get ourselves equipped with in whatever quests we are in. As for me, I’ll use it to slay visually complex projects and spend more time exploring unchartered territories. One sweet to rule them all.

  84. Just by watching the video i have many ideas that i can make a implement in many of my videos and it will improve my 2d motion graphics skills and thanks on giving everyone this chance to win

  85. Wow, Sweet looks like something I could definitely use at my job. We are moving into a new brand campaign and the demo video I just watched fit perfectly for some of our new brand concept. Would love to win a copy to try it out.

  86. I’d like to use Sweet and incorporate it into my film projects especially music videos. I also have completed every tutorial on Creative Dojo, I owe my man VinhSon!!!

  87. I am a aspiring multi-media designer and student. I would use the pack primarily as an educational tool. To better understand how these various techniques are achieved inside After Effect. Then as any great artist or musician; I would incorporate these concepts and designs into my own projects. This pack would really help me to breakout of my current design rut, and also spice up the visual language of my projects.

  88. Sweet looks like a great add-on for After Effects. With sweet, I would like some abstract HUDs for my upcoming music video project.

  89. Im currently a motion graphic student and Im trying to focus more about 2d vector animation in After Effects. Sweet looks like it can be an important asset for the learning curve and help me more in the future.

  90. I am a motion graphic & visual Effect Art Design & a student too i work more than half time in a production .this production focus on advertising commercials & every project is really hard to make it look cooler an nicer ,& sweet is a script which will make your work easier and it will help me a lot in my work that why i need the script.

  91. Uhm, this plugin will easy up the work in thousand times, therefore I’d be able to produce more videos – make more people happy!

  92. If I don´t win, I will do anything to have it,some pirate search if its necessary; this is just too awesome to just ignore it.

  93. I would love to win this script because it would really help me with my portfolio at the moment and it will also help me get some work experience

  94. i would really love to win this script because it would really help me to work more efficiently, i’m from Nicaragua in my country there are no places to learn graphic motion desing, all that i learned is because i love motion grapchi desing, granted by effort, sweat and trying to save some money to buy the plugins, so it would be a plessure to have this script cause i really need it.

  95. Greetings from Australia, sweet looks amazing and all the packs seem great for creating better motion graphic projects. Would love to add this to my workflow

  96. I would love this script as it would help me continue my transition from editing to more motion graphics/animation. I’ve always loved animation and never thought of myself as someone who had the artistic ability to realize the vision I have for animated projects. Once I started doing After Effects works, I realized how much more attainable that goal was. It’s been a long process of learning and experimenting and testing and trying…but the more I do, the more I know it is what I was meant to do. Adding this to my workflow would help with efficiency, creativity and an iterative process of building designs/animations and truly exploring my creativity.

  97. Whether I win or not… this serves as a great motivation to
    be generous! To give away something of value! This is great! Best of luck to
    everybody! Congratulations and best
    wishes to the CreativeDojo Team!

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