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Giveaway Winners: AE Sweet Script for After Effects

Sweet Giveaway 2
The second major giveaway has come to a close and I am happy to say that this giveaway was a real success even compared to last year’s Element 3D giveaway! A ton of you guys gave amazing responses, tweeted daily, shared on Facebook, and really participated in this giveaway. We had close to 1,000 entrees (combined with Twitter & Facebook entrees) and unfortunately I can only select 35 of you guys.

Here are the winners to receive one license pack for sweet!

Names without a “@” are either from Facebook or the comment list on the original contest page

  1. Iestyn Lloyd ‏@iestynx
  2. Momcilo Stojkovic ‏@mocarg
  3. Lesterbanks @lesterbanks
  4. M424Filmcast ‏@M424Filmcast
  5. Camilo Cabreja @Camiil026
  6. Abidal A. Sarraj @AbidalSarraj
  7. Adam Ekman ‏@aekmn_
  8. John Somers ‏@john_somers
  9. JeremyPls ‏@DanielToruno
  10. Chris Chavers @papermoonprod
  11. Shark @MeowPotatoes
  12. Mark P
  13. Jento Pieters
  14. Louis Jani
  15. Sabrina Curry
  16. Cojocaru Mihai
  17. Mathieu Debruyere
  18. Noha Faris
  19. Subaan Qasim
  20. Jockerclz Costlessz
  21. Francisco Catão
  22. Phiizle
  23. Victor
  24. Gavin Buckland
  25. Marlon Portmann
  26. Owen
  27. Aron F Flosason
  28. Gabriel Wong
  29. Rodrigo Romero
  30. Brendan
  31. Dominik Kuran
  32. Steven Jap
  33. Nick
  34. Alan Christopher
  35. Jonathan Lee

If you won, comment on this post below to share your thoughts on your victory! All winners should contact me via email (through the Contact page) to claim your license. All unclaimed licenses after 10/9/13 will be given to another person!

Thank you everyone who participated in this massive giveaway! It’s through your participation and engagement that drives me to host more giveaways in the future. If you didn’t win, don’t take it personally! I wish I could give everyone a license of sweet, but that just wouldn’t be possible. Look out for more giveaways and contests in the future here on CreativeDojo. If you still want to get a copy of sweet, head over to aesweets and purchase any pack you’d like. It’s extremely affordable and you get to control what you want. Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck in the future for everyone else!


34 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners: AE Sweet Script for After Effects

  1. YES!!!!! This is Great!! Thanks!!!!! 🙂 This is Really “Sweet”!! –>( would be interesting to repeat the contest Element 3D Giveaway with new challenges)

  2. Thanks for that gift to the community !
    It would be great to see a contest on the website (like the element 3D one).

  3. I did not imagine that I will win in this competition ..Thank you very much VinhSon and aesweet team =)

  4. That made me smile 🙂 Thanks VinhSon & Sweet Team for this priceless Script..
    I promise I’ll use it will.

    My Regards

    VinhSon!! I couldn’t thank you and the ae sweets team enough! Will definitely be putting this pack to good use in my upcoming projects! Once again, thank you 😀

        1. Wow, very nice Sabrina! I dig how you used it in more of a vfx way as opposed to traditional mograph. Nice work!

  6. Wow so honored! My first win ever in such a contest!
    Thank you so much VihnSon!! Continue to create awesome tools for the joy of all people!

  7. I’ve never won anything on the internet before! From the moment I saw
    the preview of this software on YouTube, I knew I had to try and break
    my non-winning streak and enter the contest. I was at the movie theatre,
    and between movies, I checked my Twitter, and sure enough, there was a
    message from Vinhson that I won!! I gave a big “Yes!” out loud and got a
    few people’s attention haha.
    Anyway, with my startup
    videography business, I can see that this will be a HUGE asset to my
    business, and I have only the amazing guys at Creative Dojo, and of
    course my favourite AE YouTube tutor Vinhson Nguyen to thank!

  8. Hi Steven, funny seeing you here! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Sweet hahaha. And VihnSon, thanks for organizing this SWEET giveaway and love your awesome tutorials on AE! Especially the 30 days one. Helped a ton!

  9. this is my first time working with an plug in, plus it fits my style, this is gonna be awesome, thanks again VinhSon for chooosing me 😀

  10. It’s as a dream has come true! I finally won something haha 😀 But of course I will not let you guys down, I will not waste this awesome script! I’ll make video’s right away! This is going to be awesome!! Thank you so much ^^

  11. Thank you for this Vinhson, appreciate it! You’re giving an awesome opportunity to people who wish to learn AE, and that’s Sweet (see what I did there ;D)!

    Thanks again!

  12. I have also never won anything from the internet. I am super excited and thrilled to receive this script. I can’t wait to dive in and start put these techniques to use. Thank you so much, your tutorials and work are a great inspiration and I look forward to learning more from you.

  13. I am like other very happy for being one of the winners of this giveaway. I have never won anything on the internet and i`m glad that i won such an usefull and cool preset!!

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