Dojo Toolkit

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  • Handy set of tools and commands for After Effects
  • Quick access to presets, effect stacks, rigs, and much more


Dojo Toolkit is an After Effects script that was originally developed for VinhSon Nguyen’s personal workflow and use. The script allows for easy access to pre-defined presets, rigs, effect stacks, and application commands via a slim and intuitive interface. As part of the Dojo community, you can grab the Dojo Toolkit and use it in your workflow as well.

Note that this script’s goal is not to cater towards other users and their needs, but a personal tool that was made available to the public.

Demo Video:


  • Add pre-configured effects such as color grading effect stacks, cinematic grain, animated Optical Flares, and more
  • Setup a camera rig for easy camera animations, including individual axis control, dolly control, HPB, and more
  • Execute various useful commands such as centering all selected layers, instantly sort project items into folders, and trim compositions to selected layers’ content
  • Quickly add customizable vignettes and letterboxing to your projects
  • Purge image caches, show and hide layer controls, and fit layers to comp size


v2.2 (8/12/15)

  • “Letterbox” preset now works as solid overlay instead of cropping
  • Minor tweaks to “Grain” preset (Intensity & Size)
  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • Updated help window UI
  • Code cleanup

v2.1 (12/5/14)

  • Updated “Color Grade” feature to support Magic Bullet Look’s new matchname (2.5.2)
  • Added Hue/Saturation and a second Curves effect to “Color Grade” feature, along with effect stack re-ordering
  • “Center” feature now works properly with text layers (forces text to center justify first, before centering text layer)
  • Changed “Show/Hide Layer Controls” button from CTR to CTL

v2.0 (8/30/14)

  • Removed “Expressions” tab
  • Removed “Add New” section
  • Removed screenshot functionality (can now be found in its own script “Dojo Screenshot”)
  • Removed “Setup Folder” button
  • Added “Center Layers” button
  • Added “Fit to Comp” button
  • Added “Trim to Content” button
  • Added “Show Control Layers” button
  • Added “Sort Items” button
  • Added Vignette preset
  • Added Soft Blur preset
  • Optical Flares preset layer now defaults to “Screen” blending mode
  • Moved “Project Commands” section to front
  • New tabbed help menu with updated text
  • Added settings tab
  • Added Check for Updates feature
  • Added Fast Blur to Optical Flares preset
  • Changed Grain Intensity from 0.20 to 0.16
  • Changed Grain Size from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
  • Help window has its own function now
  • New logo header image


  • Simplified UI for small buttons
  • Added additional preset buttons for quick effect applications (Element 3D)


  • Added “Add New” group to quickly add layers/effects
  • Added “Allow Access to Write Files & Network” check and prompt
  • Added new “Purge” button that purges all image caches
  • Fixed a serious bug that broke “Take Screenshot” in AE CC
  • Consolidated script for single-file distribution
  • Added helpful tooltips
  • Added fancy new help window
  • Cleaned up ScriptUI


  • Added header banner
  • Cleaned up ScriptUI for consistency
  • Corrected letterboxing for anamorphic ratio
  • Removed new marker option


  • Fixed a major ScriptUI bug in AE CC
  • Removed VideoHive Setup Structure, Wiggle, and Time Expressions
  • Added 3 new easing options from Ease & Wizz (Thanks to Ian Haigh)
  • Added new marker option
  • Added ‘About’ button
  • Cleaned up the UI


  • Updated script to utilize universal expressions that should work on all languages of AE
  • Updated camera rig controls to better match AE’s 3D space controls.


  • Initial release

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