Dojo Text Generator

Suggested Price: $5.99

  • Generate multiple text layers
  • Use input text or break apart existing text


Dojo Text Generator is a script for After Effects that makes it dead simple to generate text layers based on either text input or existing text layers. Paste in sentences or paragraphs and instantly generate text layers for each word or phrase. Select existing text layers and break them apart into separate text layers based on word or phrases.

The Dojo Text Generator script is a must-have tool for motion designers who need to quickly and efficiently generate many text layers automatically.

Demo Video:


  • Generate text layers based on input text
  • Break apart existing text layers into separate text layers
  • Load text from external file (.txt, .xml, .csv)
  • Ability to change the Separator that defines when a new text layer is generated
  • Automatically enable 3D and motion blur for generated text layers
  • Flip order of text layers


v1.4 (8/12/15)

  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • Updated help window UI

v1.3 (12/17/14)

  • Added “Newline” separator
  • Added “Load” option to load text from file
  • Moved “Options” to settings window (settings are saved to preference files now)
  • Stripped colored UI
  • Major code overhaul

v1.2 (8/12/14)

  • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
  • Help window has its own function now
  • New logo header image
  • Colored interface

v1.1 (4/16/14)

  • Added ‘Custom’ Separator
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Removed ‘Clear’ button
  • Added ‘Check for Updates’ button in Help UI
  • Fixed spelling errors

v1.0 (3/21/14)

  • Initial release


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