Dojo Extruder

Suggested Price: $6.99

  • Automatic 3D pseudo extrusion
  • Bevel & shading options


Dojo Extruder is an After Effects script that automates pseudo 3D extrusion instantly with additional features that control bevel, shading, and much more.

Demo Video:


  • Instantly create 3D pseudo extrusion
  • Options for bevels, shading, lighting, and much more
  • Doesn’t require any extra plugins or effects
  • Works with any layer in After Effects including precomps, texts, shapes, etc
  • Reacts with After Effects lights and cameras
  • Motion blur supported


v2.2 (3/21/10)

  • Extrusion depth now pushes copies back in Z space instead of forward
  • Added new “Light Color” control for bevel light color
  • Pseudo effects are now applied via internal preset file for one file distribution
  • Fixed pseudo effect “Missing effect” bug
  • Stripped header graphic and slimmed the UI
  • Code cleanup

v2.1 (8/5/15)

  • Extruding multiple layers now properly start at the same initial position and shading
  • Pseudo effect controllers are applied via preset file instead of internally via XML file
  • Added progress bar window to update on extruding progress
  • Removed colored UI
  • Added “Hide header image” option
  • UI enhancement
  • Help window enhancements

v2.0 (8/12/14)

  • Complete effect re-design using pseudo effects for cleaner controls
  • Added Pseudo Effect management in settings
  • Removed Precompose, Shy, and Motion Blur options (now all enabled by default)
  • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
  • Colored interface
  • New logo header image

v1.3 (5/22/14)

  • Help window has its own function now
  • New logo header image
  • Added tabbed help menu
  • Added Check for Updates feature


  • New header image
  • Moved Help button to header image area
  • Simplified UI
  • Support for multiple extrusions at once
  • Support for individual extrusion controllers
  • Extrusion Source name is now dynamic with original layer name as prefix
  • 3D Controller name is now dynamic with original layer name as prefix
  • Renamed ‘Light Falloff’ to ‘Shading Hardness’ to more accurately describe the feature
  • Renamed ‘Bevel Amount’ to ‘Bevel Size’ to more accurately describe the feature
  • Proper layer stacking order and labeling colors
  • Cleaned up code for faster execution
  • Now fully documented in Help button


  • Added new ‘Precompose’ option to precompose layer before extruding
  • Added “Allow Access to Write Files & Network” check and prompt
  • Added fancy new help window
  • Consolidated script for single-file distribution
  • Cleaned up code for faster processing
  • Added helpful tooltips


  • Initial release

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