Dojo Renamer 2


  • Bulk rename project items, layers, render queue items, expressions, and more
  • Various renaming modes & scope, with the ability to save and reuse presets

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Dojo Renamer 2 is a small, but powerful renaming tool for Adobe After Effects. Quickly organize and bulk rename project items, layers, text sources, expression content, and much more with one click. Dojo Renamer 2 makes it easy to limit and make sure you’re only renaming the items you want, whether it’s specific selected items, items within the current composition, or globally project wide. With various renaming modes, Dojo Renamer 2 can handle all the renaming operations you’ll need to manage your projects, saving your time so you can work more efficiently.

Robust Bulk Renaming

  • Powerful renaming modes: Search & Replace, Prefix/Suffix, Sequence, Conversion, Trim, Overwrite
  • Bulk rename layers, project items, effect names, expressions, text source, and render queue output names
  • Specify the scope of renaming, whether it’s selected items, current composition, or globally project wide
  • Save and re-use presets to save time and streamline your custom workflow
  • Slim, compact, and responsive interface to fit in any AE workspace


v2.2 (11/27/20)
- Added "Overwrite" mode (similar to v1's method of "Sequence" without the actual sequencing part)
v2.1 (3/10/20)
- Search & Replace now accepts special characters properly (Regex issue)
v2.0 (1/31/18)
- Initial release

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