Introducing the Dojo Toolkit Script by CreativeDojo

Dojo Toolkit v1
The Dojo Toolkit v1 Script is a little tool I made for Adobe After Effects CS3 and above that gives you quick access to a bunch of setup presets, expressions, and utilities. You can easily apply a letterbox or setup a camera rig with a click of a button, apply certain expressions to properties instantly, take screenshots of your compositions, and much more.

Demo Tutorial


  • Instant setup of letterboxes, camera rig, color grading adjustments, and grain.
  • Easily apply bounce and autofade expressions to properties
  • Quickly apply smooth easing expressions from Ease and Wizz (Thanks to Ian Haigh)
  • Take screenshots of compositions and save them with full transparency
  • Setup new project folder structures for assets
  • Quickly clean project and unused files
  • Works with AE CS3+


This script is FREE to download and is under the “Name Your Own Price” platform, just enter $0 at the store. If you find the script useful, feel free to donate whatever amount you’d like. If you want to avoid the store, you can simply unlock the download link below.

[sociallocker]Download Dojo Toolkit Script[/sociallocker]

I created this script to aid in my project workflows, not necessarily to release and tweak for the public. Hopefully you’ll find this script pretty useful for your own workflow, I’m very curious to hear your feedback on scripts like these.

If you experience any bugs or wish to request new features, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or message me via Twitter or Email.

Special Thanks

I am not a Javascript developer and have been learning After Effects scripting for the past few months thanks to the content and help from Lloyd Alvarez and David Torno. A lot of the expressions included in this script such as the Bounce expression was made possibly through the efforts of the AE community over the years. Special thanks to Harry Frank for letting me incorporate his autofade expression in. Also, special thanks to Ian Haigh for letting me use the easing expressions from Ease and Wizz.

36 thoughts on “Introducing the Dojo Toolkit Script by CreativeDojo

  1. Great tool, a fast way to do things in AE are always welcome save time so you can focus on more impotent things.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I completely agree, glad you found the script pretty useful! If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, let me know!

  2. Really thankyou for this Vihn! The Videohive author feature is a life saver… Avoid so much pain for us. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Anytime Kenedy, glad you’re liking the script! Yes, I understand your struggle with the VideoHive folder structures haha. I will probably integrate the VideoHive workflow better once I get a bit more feedback from others 🙂

      1. Hmm, very interesting. I’ll do some testing to figure out why this is, unfortunately Adobe hasn’t released any documentation as to what they changed in the ScriptUI. Thanks for letting me know!

      1. Would be nice. This is crazy, that ae still uses a localized programmin language. Come on adobe switch to english for all ae versions

        1. Yep, the expressions written in English is what’s causing the problem. I’ll roll out an update very soon to fix this now that I know a way to optimize the expressions for multi-languages.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      I myself and a few other beta testers have tested the script on CC and things work fine (except for the Take Screenshot feature.) Are you using a non-English version of AE? If so, that may be why. I’ll be rolling an update for those users soon if you’d like to beta test.

  3. Thanks dude for the awesome script. I however have a problem. When i click on color grade it is empty. btw im using windows 7. aecs6

    1. Thanks Neil! After the follow, the content box should disappear revealing the Download Link on the page. If you’re still having troubles, head over to the Store page and download directly from there 🙂

    1. The orange ball in this tutorial is a 3D object made from Element 3D. By making an invisible shadow ground layer below the ball and cranking up the Ambient Occlusion, you can get some nice self shadowing like this 🙂

  4. In your tutorial with the Burning fire logo, it looked like your optical flares was actually installed into the effects and presets section but when I installed this script it doesn’t have it installed into the effects section, how do I go about making this happen like yours?

    1. Obviously you’ll need Optical Flares installed on your machine from Video Copilot for the script to apply the effect. If you didn’t purchase Optical Flares and installed it, the script won’t be able to find the plugin.

  5. can u please tell me how to install ur script
    bcoz i restarted after effects several times and still ur extruder script is not working.

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