Easy Type Animations Using Type Array Preset

We all love creating beautiful and complex title animations, enriched with custom typefaces and secondary animations, but we also spend a lot of times creating simple type: think simple transitions, labels, captions, etc. These types of text animations are visually simple, but can be a pain to setup and control. The Type Array preset by Paul Slemmer tries to solve all this so you can get going faster.

Type Array is basically a preset that rigs up a text animator with fancy expressions so you can quickly set up simple text animations. Without duplicating and breaking up text layers, you can animate based on words, lines, or characters. You can define the timing using markers instead of keyframes, reverse the direction of the animation, and adjust the delay between animations. Best of all, it’s using native After Effects text animators, so you can customize every aspect of it and can even stack text animators to make things very complex.

Type Array is one of those presets that I would recommend everyone keep in their arsenal, because you will indeed use it. Type Array is a “Name Your Own Price” preset, so if you find it useful, buy Paul a cup of coffee.

What other tools do you guys use for typography and text animations? We developed Dojo Shifter to help animators stagger, offset, and randomize their animations. Let us know what you guys use in the comments below.

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