Dojo Shifter 2


  • Powerful staggering, offset, and shifting inside After Effects
  • Trim layers, offset layers, properties, keyframes with ease

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Dojo Shifter 2 is a powerful tool for After Effects to stagger, move, and offset layers, keyframes, and more. Take command of your layers and keyframes and automate everyday adjustments quickly. Dojo Shifter is a must-have tool for motion designers working with tons of layers and effects, and could save you a countless amount of time. Add organic offsets with the ability to add various easing types to your staggers, something that’s nearly impractical to do manually.

Powerful Staggering & Offsets

  • Trim start and ends of layers or completely shift/stagger layers in the timeline
  • Offset or stagger selected keyframes with support for multiple properties
  • Quickly offset or multiply property values like position scale
  • Instantly sequence and chain layers back to back, with support for offset
  • Add easing to your staggers, whether it’s ease in or ease out, with support for the following ease types: linear, quad, cubic, quint, expo
  • Support for timing in frames or seconds
  • Slim, compact, and responsive interface to fit in any AE workspace

Help Documentation & Changelog

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If you purchased Dojo Shifter v2 prior to 2021, you most likely were on our old platform (we now currently use Gumroad to distribute products). Contact us via our contact form and we’ll migrate your license over.

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