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Dojo Shifter 2

Suggested Price: $9.99

  • Powerful staggering, offset, and shifting inside After Effects
  • Trim layers, offset layers, properties, keyframes with ease
  • Description

    Product Description

    Dojo Shifter 2 is a powerful tool for After Effects to stagger, move, and offset layers, keyframes, and more. Take command of your layers and keyframes and automate everyday adjustments quickly. Dojo Shifter is a must-have tool for motion designers working with tons of layers and effects, and could save you a countless amount of time. Add organic offsets with the ability to add various easing types to your staggers, something that’s nearly impractical to do manually.

    Powerful Staggering & Offsets

    • Trim start and ends of layers or completely shift/stagger layers in the timeline
    • Offset or stagger selected keyframes with support for multiple properties
    • Quickly offset or multiply property values like position scale
    • Instantly sequence and chain layers back to back, with support for offset
    • Add easing to your staggers, whether it’s ease in or ease out, with support for the following ease types: linear, quad, cubic, quint, expo
    • Support for timing in frames or seconds
    • Slim, compact, and responsive interface to fit in any AE workspace


    v2.0 (1/14/18)
    - Initial release