X-Particles: Cinema 4D’s Most Powerful Particle System

If you’re a Cinema 4D user, you’ve most likely heard of X-Particles by Insydium, a powerful particle system for C4D that has been gaining a lot of traction lately. I recently hopped onto the X-Particles train when Insydium had a huge NAB sale this year and let me just say, holy crap this plugin is insanely awesome in every way. I’m a big particle guy, but the complexity of Xpresso and sluggish speeds of Thinking Particles really pushed me away from diving deeper into particle work in C4D. With X-Particles, things have completely changed and the workflow and speed of the plugin is everything I’ve been looking for in a particle system.


I think one of the biggest plus for X-Particles is that it’s extremely fast. The plugin is multithreaded, so it’ll utilize your hardware well. You can generate literally millions of particles within the viewport and things render and play on the fly. This is crucial and gives you so much room and time to experiment (which is so important when you’re learning).


X-Particles is very easy to use and is well integrated into the C4D workflow. Using X-Particles is kind of like using the Mograph module in C4D where you have modifiers that effect the particles, with the inclusion of a Question/Answer type control system. Things are very logical and work how you would expect it to work. X-Particles is also compatible with existing particle modifiers, object deformers, Mograph effectors, and even dynamics in R13 and above. The Trail Generator which produces splines similar to the Mograph Tracer object, is compatible with Hair, Sketch and Toon, and more. As you can see, you can actually add X-Particles into your workflow and are not forced to be locked into this X-Particle system.


Although easy to use, X-Particles has a ton of features including 6 generator objects, 39 Xpresso nodes, 3 control objects, 27 modifiers, 7 tags, and much more. You have options for fluid simulations, collision and dynamics, shaders, and so much more to get the look you’re after. If you want to get complex with Xpresso, you have the option to do so as well. You can easily mesh particles using Skinner, use custom particle emitter such as an existing object, use custom particles and sprites, and much more. X-Particles is packed with tons of stuff that will drastically improve your particle workflow in Cinema 4D.


X-Particles V2.5 is currently 289 euros for an individual license, which is not a lot at all for such a robust plugin (just look at the prices of other plugins). Support is great and if you have any questions, the great and awesome community can easily point you in the right direction as many are familiar with X-Particles. This is the plugin you want if you do any kind of particle work in Cinema 4D.


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X-Particles is a fantastic plugin for any sort of particle work in Cinema 4D. The deep integration with existing C4D modules, easy controls, and fast rendering makes it an ideal plugin to use for generating and controlling particles. Not only is it affordable, but the plugin comes with great support from the company itself as well as the wide community that uses it. Let me know what you guys think about X-Particles or anything else in the episode. Leave a comment below and share your opinions! Special thanks to Mike Batchelor for letting me use his X-Particles renders.

7 thoughts on “X-Particles: Cinema 4D’s Most Powerful Particle System

  1. Stickin’ with Dojo.tv, huh? Cool. I love it. This episode was fantastic. An article to read plus the discussions and things to check out. I loved it. Fantastic job. You’re getting good!

  2. Good episode. I like this DojoTV format. As for the episode itself…the X-Particles plugin is really cool but I feel like it is yet another plugin that I need to invest money in to keep up with all of the cool effects people are doing. Feel the same way for Particular, Form, Plexus etc., It all adds up over time.

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