So recently I’ve been working with a client that really wanted that ‘semi real, semi watercolor’ effect, you know, the effect where you usually have ink drops, paint splatters, and organic fades? The goal was to achieve this particular effect with a touch of ‘stop motion’ applied, meaning very choppy frame rates to existing footage(s).

This was actually my first time attempting such an effect, and the client actually loved it (surprisingly). The images above are just quick examples I did to show you guys what I meant by ‘watercolor effect,’ the actual project has a lot more detail and fine tuning. As you can see, I gave it a paper texture to really add more imperfections to the overall color and feel to the project. I could’ve gone more extreme with the ‘watercolor’ effect, but I realized more was less in this example. Tuning things down a little and blending the watercolor effect with the original shot gave it a more convincing look with finer details.

The great thing about freelance work is you get to play around and find new techniques all the time. As a tutorial guy, this value is priceless! In the upcoming week, I hope to release a tutorial or at least a breakdown of how I achieved this particular effect as I know some of you have requested for something like this in the past. This is going to be fun and artistic tutorial, stay tuned!