Today, Vimeo announced two very prominent and game changing features to their site: Tip Jar and Pay-to-View. These two features are a huge leap in bringing revenue into the equation with Vimeo since the Vimeo Plus and Pro accounts. Although I never thought about making any sort of money with Vimeo, these two features are definitely welcomed and here’s why:

Tip Jar is a great way to “crowd-fund” and show appreciation to awesome creative content creators. Basically, the Tip Jar behaves like an actual Tip Jar at a store: you can leave whatever amount you want, whenever you want, or completely just ignore it. Even a few bucks and a couple of cents would show a lot of appreciate to content creators, I myself being one. This new feature is a very unobtrusive way to recommend some spare change because it doesn’t force or stop you from doing anything. I will definitely be utilizing this service for most of my videos on the Dojo. It’s also important to note that this feature is only available to Vimeo Plus members to enable on their videos.

The second feature is the “Pay-to-View” option that will be released sometime soon. This particular feature has had a mix of responses, mainly from people worried that this may cause the Vimeo community to be a little more self-oriented like YouTube and people who want to start charging a premium for content. I think this feature is a must have as only Vimeo PRO accounts have access to the option, so not everyone is going to be throwing up a “Pay-to-View” sign at you for videos. I myself may upgrade to a PRO account just to utilize this feature for more premium content such as specific design courses or a special series of tutorials. Don’t worry, nothing is solid yet and I will keep nearly everything on the Dojo as free as possible. In reality though, some content really do take a numerous amount of time, planning, and work to get published and it just wouldn’t make any sense to give it out for free when there’s server and hosting cost, resource cost, and of course time. But again, this is just an idea, I’m always open to the community’s response so let me know down below what you think about all this “premium” charges.

Basically, Vimeo rocks for giving us these two new awesome features that allow us content creators to earn a little more from the community. Will Vimeo’s community turn into another YouTube? I hope and pray it won’t. For now, we’ll definitely see how these things roll out.