Updated Dojo Color Packs

Dojo Color Packs

The Dojo Color Packs have been updated to V1.2 and are now faster and more optimized. The Dojo Packs are a set of color grading presets for Adobe After Effects that allows you to quickly achieve a cinematic and stylistic look for your projects.

Version 1.2 removes the pseudo effect structure of the preset to avoid any errors. It also removes the auto-grain feature to speed up application time. The default settings have been tweaked to give you a cleaner fresh start as well.

Download the Dojo Color Packs:

[sociallocker]Download Here[/sociallocker]

Dojo Color Pack Example 01
Although these packs aren’t anything special, they are a nice set of presets to have in your arsenal just to quickly switch through different looks to brainstorm or to use as a starting place. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them down below!

20 thoughts on “Updated Dojo Color Packs

  1. Whenever I apply any of the presets, it says:

    ‘This favorite contains 1 reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore this referencce. (“Cinema Impact v2”)’

    Any help would be gladly appreciated.

    1. hey i also get that error This favorite contains 1 reference to a missing effect. Pls install the following effect to restore this reference (Cinema impact v2) So your saying this is ok? and to ignore it? Thanks for any help and great product 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Are the links for Epic Cinema dead?..I am not able to download it can someone provide me the links?

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