Dojo Color Packs

The Dojo Color Packs have been updated to V1.2 and are now faster and more optimized. The Dojo Packs are a set of color grading presets for Adobe After Effects that allows you to quickly achieve a cinematic and stylistic look for your projects.

Version 1.2 removes the pseudo effect structure of the preset to avoid any errors. It also removes the auto-grain feature to speed up application time. The default settings have been tweaked to give you a cleaner fresh start as well.

Download the Dojo Color Packs:

Dojo Color Pack Example 01
Although these packs aren’t anything special, they are a nice set of presets to have in your arsenal just to quickly switch through different looks to brainstorm or to use as a starting place. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them down below!