Here’s a sneak peak at a tutorial I’m whipping up soon. The tutorial will be my first ever Cinema 4D tutorial, so things may be a little uneasy until I get used to saying all the different panels and object names. Because this is my first Cinema 4D tutorial, it’s going to be pretty basic to reduce the time and explanation, I really just want to see how this will go. (Judging by all the C4D tutorials out there, even a very basic animation takes awhile to cover.)

Of course I don’t want to leave with a half finished animation, so we’ll definitely bring our renders into After Effects and take a look at some ways to pretty this thing up a bit. We’ll do some post work, basic compositing, color correction, add smoke elements, etc.

If you’re sort of new to this Cinema 4D and After Effects integration, this tutorial will definitely be for you to get you up and started. Combining 3D renders with After Effects really does step up the level and quality of your work, and I really want to cover more tutorials with Cinema 4D, so stay tuned! Tell me what you guys think.