Creating an Underwater Ocean Scene Using Trapcode Form

In this very special tutorial for RGTV, I will demonstrate how you can create a pretty unique underwater ocean scene for your motion graphics designs. We will be taking a look at some displacement maps, fractal noise, how to building the environment, and of course setting up the waves using Trapcode Form.

You can watch the tutorial here.

It was a real honor for me to share some of my knowledge on RedGiant TV, I’m definitely looking forward to another chance to create a few more tutorials. I will be writing another article soon over some of the expressions that could have be used to make the animation of this project a bit easier, look forward to that! If you guys enjoyed this tutorial or have any comments, feel free to post them on the RGTV Episode page or leave them down below!

9 thoughts on “Creating an Underwater Ocean Scene Using Trapcode Form

  1. Hi Vinhson, discovered you on RGTV, now I’m hooked, thank you for your wonderful lessons, it is truly appreciated and hope to see more great stuff!

  2. Please Help

    At 4:52

    When im about to type time”100 i typed it but when i finished i got this error

    After Effects warning : Unterminated String constant expression disabled

    Error occurred at line 1.
    Comp : ‘Displacement Map’
    Layer : 1 (‘Map’)
    Property: ‘Evolution’

    1. Be sure you erase everything in the expression box because there might be some default stuff in there 🙂

    2. I think you see false…. he use * not “…. try change time”100 by time*100. I’m sure it can work….

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