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Ink Watercolor Reveal

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to create an organic ink/watercolor reveal transition using the Free Ink Mattes Pack by the CreativeDojo. We’ll cover some tips on how to use luma mattes, how to control the speed of the transition, some stylizing tips, and some ways to create that ‘watercolor paint’ look.


Free Ink Mattes Pack 

Preview Video

We’re going to be using two main effects in this tutorial: ToonIt (paid) and the Cartoon effect (comes with AE), both can replace one another for the most. I’ll be using Cartoon for the outline stroke just because it’s a lot more simpler.

Some Tips

Watch out for overlapping layers, it’s crucial that you move the matte along with the layer you’re trying to reveal. By using time-remapping, we can control the speed and rate at which the ink reveals our image/footage as well as reverse the transition.

Add some interesting camera angles and turn on that depth of field to achieve a really nice macro look. You can also add in some fancy camera moves and motion blur to create some very interesting typography animations (think Sherlock Holmes).

For a more organic ink reveal, try using variations of Fractal Noise with some Turbulent Displace. You can also get more interesting results by duplicating and delaying the timing of the watercolor duplicates and setting the opacity down.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, if you create anything cool with the ink mattes, post them down below!