The Sky is Falling

Here’s a quick sneak peak at my upcoming tutorial, a basic meteor composite. This will actually be my first ever visual effects tutorial as opposed to the normal motion graphics stuff, so we’ll see how this goes.

We’re going to construct everything from scratch and use a few real elements such as some stock footage from Action Essentials II and a cloudlet image. We’ll then link every together and blend them into the scene.

We’ll be taking a look at a lot more than just the meteor, such as the smaller details like reflections, color grading, lighting, and much more. I’m really excited for this tutorial and I think it’ll be lots of fun! You guys kept requesting vfx stuff so here’s my first attempt. Stay tuned!

  1. What I really like about you, dude, is that you actually answer to comments of your viewers. Also, it is very thoughtful of you to change from motion graphics to vfx, just to please your viewers without ignoring them.

    For that, I thank you sir.

    1. Hey Bruno, thanks for all the support! All the kind words and feedback really keep me motivated and going. You guys got me this far, there’s no way I’m ignoring you guys!

  2. please make more VFX tuts like this, it would be awesome to see something new from you. and can you do a 1 tut in a month or something like that ?

    1. Hey Antony, thanks for the feedback! The hardest part about vfx stuff is finding good quality stock elements to use. I’ll try my best. Thanks again!

  3. hi Vinhon how are you ?
    do you have a course for after effects?
    beauce i really want become pro in this big programme

    1. Hello, I’m great! How are you?

      I do 2 have full featured courses: one on learning After Effects for beginners to pro, and one on introduction to motion graphics. You can find them on Tuts+ Premium.

  4. Hey VinhSon!

    I think this right here is amazing! I mean, you know I thought you were a motion graphics person and though I would love to see vfx tutorials, i didn’t think that was your cup of tea. But here I am once again proven wrong!

    Thanks for your great tutorials!

    1. Thanks for the support man! I actually love doing vfx stuff, it’s a lot more fun and exciting. I just don’t do vfx tutorials because they take too long and are way too experimental!

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