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The Dojo Store is the most popular section on the site, which is of no surprise because I keep adding new products and product updates to it almost weekly. In the next week or so, many of you will see changes to the store experience and checkout procedures as part of my 2015 Roadmap to revamp and push our products to the next level.

One notable change is the mandatory requirement to register/sign in to download products. I know this will drive away some new visitors to the site, but overall I think it’s a better experience for everyone. By registering for an account, all your downloads will be in one place so you can re-download scripts if you lost the download link and also download the latest update of scripts without having to redo the buying procedure. This system seems to work well for places such as aescripts, which is why I’m mandating such a system. By creating an account, it also makes it easier to integrate future community-based ideas and systems down the road since everyone will already have an account to participate.

The organization of the store will also be changing because its being cluttered with so many products now. Also, in the past few months I’ve been contacted by a lot of people wondering if they could sell their product on the Dojo Store. As of right now, none of these products have been accepted because there is no infrastructure set in place for that kind of an expansive store, yet. I was thinking about launching a new part of the store, a community store, where anyone can sell their own scripts, plugins, presets, stock elements, etc. I would love to the community’s feedback on this.

That’s it for the following changes in the upcoming week, so stay tuned! I have lots of plans as part of the 2015 Roadmap, so expect a lot of changes coming soon that will improve the Dojo experience. Thanks for all your support and patience.

Photo by Konrad Winkler under Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. I do like being able to manage all of my downloads and updates from a single login similar to aescripts or Video Copilot. Makes saying updated a lot easier!

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