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Last time, we started talking about creating and organizing your music/sound library. Today, we’re going to focus on actually building and adding content to that library with some royalty free music.

Two sources come to mind when I think of cheap, affordable, but high quality: AudioJungle & Premiumbeat. They have a huge library of music and soundfxs with some insanely good prices. AudioJungle has a “free file of the month” which is a great way to grab some freebies each month absolutely free. AudioJungle/Envato also have occasional bundles in which they give away huge music packs as well as other files for a crazy price of around $15-25 bucks. (The original price is around $500+, it’s a steal!) Premiumbeat is always doing collaborations and giveaways, giving you opportunities to win some free stuf! They also have a lot of great information and tips on their blog and gather up some awesome free resources as well.

Derek Palmer is a AudioJungle author who composes amazing cinematic scores and other music for film. I talked him into sharing some of his stuff that would help beginners and he has graciously provided some music that you can add to your music library immediately! Show you support by checking out his more professional works!

Download Derek Palmer’s Trailer Pack (Free!)

If you’re looking for more high end stuff and have the budget, check out Shockwave-sound and SmartSound, they have all sorts of professional stuff used on some major commercial projects.

If you’re looking for some free sources, check out Free Music Archive, Free Music for Videos, Incompetech, Vimeo Music Store, and Machinimasound for some decent royalty free music! MusicRevolution and JewelBeat also have a mixture of paid/free tracks, so definitely check them out as well! MusicRevolution has a whole page full of free tracks, JewelBeat is special because their paid tracks are mainly a mere 99 cents! If you’re digging for soundfxs, Freesound is the #1 place to be.

It’s very important that you note the license requirements for each source, some licenses may differ, especially for the free resources.  Hopefully this post gave you some places to expand your music/sound library. If you have some awesome sources I didn’t mention, link them down below in the comments! As always, stay tuned for more audio related posts and many thanks to Derek Palmer!

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  2. All amazing music sites! I use audio jungle a lot when I work with some of my clients for music on their own intros and stuff. Its cheap, and has some dang good content. 🙂

    1. AudioJungle is definitely a great source, as all the other sources I mentioned 🙂 Any other sources I didn’t add Rob?

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