So a member of the CreativeDojo community asked me how to create the wave effect from the RAZOR promo by Errorsmith & Native Instruments. At first, it looked very simple, just some basic Displacement in the Y, audio reaction, and a bit of tweaking with the camera. Turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than that and I ran into a few problems along the way that required a bit of research.

I don’t want to get into too much detail yet because it will all be covered in the tutorial post coming soon. We will be taking a look at audio reaction with Trapcode Form,¬†specifically¬†the individual parameters within the Audio React tab such as Frequency, Width, Threshold, and Delay Direction. All of this of course would not be possible without the help of Peder Norrby, founder of Trapcode.

Notice how the wave doesn’t completely react to audio as a whole, it jolts in the front and everything flows back to create a organic sound wave transition. Because of this, a simple displacement wouldn’t cut it as it would force the whole grid of strings to displace rather than just the front. By creating a series of these and adding different camera angles with depth of field, you can achieve some pretty versatile results, perfect for a DJ screen or something of that nature.

Music by WallTone