NAB 2015: Cinema 4D Scripting Tutorials


Scripting is by far one of my favorite things to do with After Effects, but I’ve never had an in-depth look at scripting for Cinema 4D. Luckily for all of us, Cineversity has partnered with the Dojo to deliver you guys digestible and organized chunks of NAB 2015 presentations for your convenience to learn the topics you want to learn in an organized fashion. Continuing with the post series, today we have presentations by Colin Sebestyen and Mike Senften showing how they use the Cinema 4D Python SDK to create beautiful generative art.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Colin Sebestyen: Python Coding for Motion Design from Cineversity.

In his talk, Sebestyen uses an L System inspired by Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code in order to create complex branching structures. He also discusses how he creates intricate MoGraph animations using the Python Effector.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Mike Seften: Automating Complex Workflows with Python from Cineversity.

Mike Senften shares his mChains system which allows for the dynamic folding and unfolding of organic shapes. He closes by showing how he used Python and a CSV file to create a data visualization of global airport locations.

Thanks again to Maxon US and, for recording and publishing the 2015 NAB Live Cinema 4D Presentations. They have a lot more to release, so stay tuned for additional presentations. If you like these presentations or find this post useful, feel free to leave your feedback below in the comments!

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