The first Kuler 5 Project has come to a close and I received four great entrees for the project! Many thanks to everyone who retweeted and helped spread the word. I’m very excited for the next Kuler 5 project with hopefully more entrees to choose, review, and add to the project.

Since this was the first project and we didn’t receive that many entrees, I couldn’t choose five winners as planned. With that being said, we won’t have a top five winners this time around but hopefully for the next one we will. Here are the entrees for Kuler 5: Holidays.

Snowman by Jonathan Granskog
Kuler Theme: Aspirin C

by Ola Thörn
Kuler Theme: Season X

Merry Christmas Intro by MII2o
Kuler Theme: Zimske Radosti

by zerogstudio
Kuler Theme: Robocolor

These are the four submissions for the Kuler 5 project based on the theme ‘Holidays’. Many thanks to everyone for participating and contributing to the project and experience. I hope to see you all participate in the next Kuler 5 project!