Keeping the Inspiration Flowing

Inspiration is probably one of the most important factors for an artist, without it, our works end up being very boring, bland, and lacking energy and emotion. Aside from these, the biggest downfall from lack of inspiration is the painstaking dreadful feeling of working. If you’re not inspired to create something, it’s going to be very painful for you to continue working on a ‘creative’ based project. Unfortunately, each and every one of us will eventually face a day or two where we lack inspiration or motivation, luckily there are some solutions!

First off, taking a break would drastically help you feel refreshed and ready to design something top notch. Sometimes, we just need to get away and put our minds elsewhere. This is probably the best advice for someone lacking inspiration or motivation. Another great way to get inspiration is from watching or looking at amazing stuff! This is one of the reasons why I go to the movie theaters 15 minutes early, to watch all the awesome trailers and hoping that maybe one of them will spark a tutorial idea! (and also to get a good seat with that convenient rail in front for your feet.)

Another great place to look at some amazing stuff is Creattica, the site is practically made for inspiration. Vimeo literally always have mind blowing and creative content on their front page pretty much everyday from crafty people world wide. Another great site is Abduzeedo or DeviantArt, focusing primarily on graphic design, photography, and Photoshop stuff, great place! You can also find some pretty stunning stuff from people’s demo reels or portfolios. By looking at better content, you can work on improving your designs and look at things from different perspectives. There are dangers from watching demo reels and portfolios, mainly the urge to copy so be careful! We’re looking at better stuff to gain inspiration, not to copy.

Nature is probably the best place to go to when lacking inspiration. Take a walk, go to the park with your kid, go fishing, or just look at the stars at night. I personally love photography so when I get the chance, I go out and take a few shots. This usually sparks some inspiration in me and gets me going again.

There are a myriad of ways to get your mind on track and pumping out fresh new design and content again, try some of the tips above and tell me what you think. Have a particular advice or tip you want to share yourself? Leave them down below in the comments, I’d love to see them!


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