Inspiration: Awesome 3D, Particles, and Color

Here’s another roundup of some interesting and inspirational stuff I found. This work is called ShapeShifter by CHRLX, it features some beautiful 3D animation which include some futuristic mechanic robot animals. Aside from the robotic work, CHRLX did a fantastic job at creating a dark and mystical atmosphere, which really shined during the beginning of the space/sky scene where the car shatters into beautiful little pieces. As the piece progresses towards a more scenic and natural mood, the colors really  popped out, especially on the ocean/bird scene. The level of detail and the set extension were spot on, you can even find a behind the scenes video here. Although I don’t think this was an official ‘car commercial’, it definitely proves that car commercials are always so elegant and cinematic. (seriously, how many dark and stormy car commercials have you seen!? Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti..)

Here’s another piece of work by Dirty Cheap Creative called NTV Idents Package. I really dig this piece because of it’s simplicity and color. The cheerful and bouncy movements remind me of some of the clean Nickelodeon stuff I’ve seen. This work is a perfect balance between 2D and 3D animation, combining the best of both worlds. The lighting and reflections were spot on for stuff like this and I love the different types of 3D animations.

This piece here is done by Daniel Sierra called OSCILLATE. The particle work is beautiful, the music matches well, and everything flows well together. This work reminds me of dust flying off a vibrating guitar string, just because the particle strings are emitting particles while reacting to sound. This is actually Daniel’s thesis animation done at School of Visual Arts. He used a variation of programs including Houdini for animation, Nuke for compositing, and After Effects for the finishing touches and render.

The next piece is called SALES GOSSES! by Alexis Kerjosse and others on the team. Similar to the last piece, this one was created for their graduation of LISAA Paris 2013. I love the short story of this piece, it’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s entertaining. The colors really popped out in this one and the 2D/3D combination aspect of the animation looked very interesting. The style reminds me of Pixar where the 3D cartoon has a 2D feel to it all. I think what really brings this piece to life is the style of illustration and colors, they match together perfectly to give a friendly and calming visual. You can watch the behind the scenes here.

The last two pieces are not CG or animation, but they are works that really interested me. This one here called RICO by Jeremy Snell. Jeremy shot this using a Canon 7D and T2i, which produces a very good looking image for that kind of budget. What really caught my eye was the cool color grading, it really brought out the roughness of the streets and Rico. The story was inspiring and touching as well. Overall, an amazing and wonderful work that tells a great story.

This final piece is by the popular Philip Bloom, called Skywalker Ranch. The color grading and filmic look is what caught my eye again. Philip actually re-graded this using FilmConvert, a product that I have talked about before. The image looks a lot nicer and more organic. Everything was shot on the 5D Mark II and 7D. With the shallow depth of field, slow pans and camera movements, and relaxing scenery, Skywalker Ranch is a nice piece to watch to enjoy the finer things about filmmaking.

So that wraps up some of the inspirational and cool stuff for this week guys. If you guys have any comments or feedback on any of these works, feel free to leave them down below! If you enjoyed this article, let me know!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Awesome 3D, Particles, and Color

  1. Camilo Here Again, This is an Amazing Post! Thank you! You Really Do a Great Job Congrats! Great Inspiration Stuff!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Camilo, it’s greatly appreciated! I’ll be trying to do more of these 🙂

  2. The oscillate one is amazing pure viz! Have you heard of Matthias M? I’ve been keeping a close eye on his works and he’s done visuals for all manner of music media, and has really grown a brand around his work! I absolutely love the detailed visual FX work he does, and I believe he uses Krakatoa, 3ds max, and VRay to accomplish most if not all of it

    1. Hey Cameron,

      Yes, I’ve been watching his stuff for a long time now. He actually inspired me to get into particle work!

      If only I had the mad skills to dive into those programs. 3DS Max/Krakatoa is a nightmare.

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