Critique Session: Kuler 5 “Once Upon a Time”

The second Kuler 5 project has come to a close, the theme this time was “Once Upon a Time“. The amount of submissions are still kind of struggling low but this time the quality has increased dramatically! We had some amazing results this time around and I’d love to see everyone join in on the next Kuler 5. Here are the top four submissions:

by Zerogstudio

by Jonathan Granskog

by Ola Thörn

by Joshua

Great work everyone, remember that all the comments and critiques I made were all made with a constructive and supportive matter. I believe all submissions were awesome, and I hope to see you all once again for the next Kuler 5. If you’re simply viewing this post and have anything more to add or comment, feel free to leave them down below! This is a community critique session, not just mine, so help out your fellow friend by suggesting new ideas or tips!

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