What’s New In Cinema 4D R15

Cinema 4D R15
Maxon announced Cinema 4D R15 this week at SIGGRAPH and while it isn’t anything mind blowing, the update was a fresh and solid improvement for Cinema 4D. As an R13 user, I wasn’t too keen on upgrading to R14 because of my needs, but R15 does certainly bring enough features to start considering. Here are some things that are new to Cinema 4D R15:

Bevels & Kerning

Cinema 4D R15 comes with some advance bevel features to add more customized and complex bevels to your models and text, something Cinema 4D was lacking behind other 3D software. You also finally have the option to adjust kerning for MoText and Text Splines, something that really bugged me when I first learned C4D. Everything is also interactive, so you can adjust and experiment on the fly to your heart’s content. Although these features were long overdue, it is certainly welcomed in R15.


There are also some nice updates to make it easier to model your stuff. We now have a texture manager to fix broken texture links and such. Sculpting tools have improved, with a new Amplify brush that gives you full control to inflate and use new draw modes to sculpt lines and areas defined by other tools.


Team Render allows you to use and manage your computer network to boost render times and efficiency very easily. Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Physical Renderer, and multi-threading have been improved and added to boost your workflow.

Camera Crane

There’s also a new Camera Crane rig that allows you to easily pull fancy crane/jib shots easily within Cinema 4D, very cool! You can adjust the angle, arm, head, camera, and length to get the results you’re looking for.

Of course there are other features not mentioned, you can view those here. Overall, I’m very happy with this update, especially with the crane, bevel, and grass generation feature. It will also be exciting to see more training come out with the latest R15 release, so keep an eye out! So what are your thoughts of the new Cinema 4D R15? Will you be upgrading? What are your favorite features? Let me know in the comments below!

Preview image by Jorg Vogel.

9 thoughts on “What’s New In Cinema 4D R15

    1. Hey Camilo,

      Thanks for the kind words! And great animation, I dig the textures and 3D feel. Your cuts were good and you provided lots of angles, which is good. You may want to cut the animation down to around 10-15 seconds though, it’s a bit long. Also, avoid throwing random flares flying around, it looks unnatural. I’d suggest cranking up the aperture to achieve a shallower depth of field, desaturate your animation a bit (it’s a bit too pure blue), and try to work on the dynamics at the end where the logo shatters the ground. The ground isn’t there at all, so why is it there at the end? Turn on or up the motion blur, things are too sharp for moving objects that close up. If you can, avoid using VCP music/sfx, it’s too common and harsh on the ears (bells). I like the logo though, nice use of textures and illumination, really sci-fi feeling. Great work!

      1. Wow Thank you for your answer and I appreciate many words coming from you is a great inspiration. it is a bit long the animation cuz making it excites me that I felt like I wanted more and many more hehe , about the end, was trying to make the logo spin and break a wall, at the end I finished with that and I decided to leave it like that and see the opinion of the people so I can improve, and yes VCP Sfx are a few annoying hehe, it takes me just 20 minutes or so to make it last night (audio), i need to learn more about Color Grading And stuff like that. and again Thank you very much for your inspiration, thank you liked The video. Nothing bad To be the first time huh!? 🙂 , Sorry if my English is not good. Thanks again and keep Doing Your Great job. maybe one day we cross paths and make a video hehe.

        1. No problem Camilo, your animation was great, especially for someone just starting out! By all means, keep experimenting and having fun, your work will naturally get better!

  1. As a motion graphics guy, this is the third update in a row (13-15) that offers little or nothing new, except for the rendering improvements that help everyone, and maybe the camera crane (IF we get it in Broadcast — doubtful). The only way I’m upgrading from 12, and even that withheld some of the new (at that time) Dynamics features from Broadcast users, and things Springs and Motors, is if they bring several features from Studio into Broadcast. Namely Full Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics support, and springs and motors at a minimum.

    I feel like Maxon does not care about motion graphics users at all because of how they leave key features that are motion-centric, out of the Broadcast edition. They try to force you to get stuff you don’t need (hair, etc) by paying an extra $2000 for Studio, just to get the few items you DO need (that logically fit in the motion basket). Seriously considering a switch to Modo and their new motion plugin. Better modeling tools too, and less than half the price for full edition. Maxon needs to get with the program and stop nickel-and-diming everyone to death with which-features-go-in-which-versions.

    1. I do have to agree with you that 13-15 hasn’t changed much, which is why I’m still running R13. Truthfully, I think Maxon should only make 2 versions of Cinema 4D, Prime with limited functionality, and Studio with all the bells and whistles. Having too many options gets too complicated, similar to how they’re so many different versions of Windows. Glad to have your input Tim, let me know how Modo goes! I still believe Cinema 4D is the best for motion graphics work due to the simplicity of the program.

      1. It definitely is still the easiest to learn and I love a lot of things about C4D, but there is just no excuse for removing things like full dynamics support on all objects, spline dynamics, springs, etc… you look at all the top motion designers out there… none of them use Broadcast. Something is wrong with this picture. Maxon is deliberately leaving out features that have very little use in traditional modeling and a lot of utility in the motion world, out of Broadcast, to get those extra dollars. It’s not ethical.

        Like you say if they’re going to play that game then there should be just two versions. A Prime that has “something for everyone” but not the top features, and a “everything” version… priced a little more competitively going into 2014. But the easier thing to do is simply give motion people everything they need / every motion-centric feature, and then charge the initial $1500 price tag then lower tag for updates. That would be fair. But they don’t do that… the idea for example that we can simulate all kinds of motion with splines to make them “come alive” in Broadcast, is crazy. Instead they bury that functionality in the “Hair” module, even though the dynamics itself does not come from the Hair functionality, and say “Hair features only come with Studio.”

        That’s pretty screwed up IMO, given what they’re charging for Broadcast and Studio.

        1. Typo: “…the idea for example that we can simulate all kinds of motion with splines…” should say “that we CAN’T simulate”…

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