A Character Animator’s Dream: Auto Lip-Sync (Win a Free Copy with More Prizes!)

If you do any kind of character animation or any type of work that requires a speaking mouth, you know how difficult it is to not only create a great looking mouth, but to animate and sync it up with the narration. Behold, a new and amazing script from Mathias Möhl that will automate this process: Auto Lip-Sync


Auto Lip-Sync works flawlessly, it’s extremely easy to use because it comes with a very detailed instruction wizard, providing textual help along with images as examples for each step. I was lucky enough to beta test this thing and was very impressed at how powerful it was. You have full control over literally everything about the mouth, from the shape of the lips to the height of the mouth, it’s all customizable with the familiar tools of After Effects.

This is all indeed very cool, but how accurate is this script? Very accurate. Just with the default settings, the script does an amazing job at syncing your lip with your narration, and that’s without tweaking! You can easily get some realistic results, especially since the script makes it easy to add that “o” shape to your lips whenever the narration is saying something long with a round sound.

You also have the ability to add mouth interiors such as adding a tongue or some teeth. The real selling point here is the fully automated process, the script takes care of everything for you automatically with ease while still leaving lots of room for tweaking and customization. It’s a fantastic script and a must for anyone who does character animation, the price is also unbeatable!

Don’t take my word for it? Watch Mathias go over how to use the script and be prepared to be blown away! You can also download a free trial from AEScripts and try it out yourself. If you create anything cool, submit it to the AETuts+ Contest (more information below) and let me check it out too!

Contest | Win a Free Copy + More Prizes

Want to grab a free copy for Auto Lip-Sync, iExpressions, or MochaImport+? Join AETuts+’s contest today, create something cool with Auto Lip-Sync, and submit it in! The prizes are awesome and the contest should give you a great idea just how powerful Auto Lip-Sync really is.

Auto Lip-Sync is a fantastic script that will really boost your workflow, it’s fast, fun, and easy. This is really the first time I’ve ever seen the tedious process of lip synchronization made easy, so take advantage of this great tool! If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.

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