ShapeShifter is an awesome plugin for After Effects, you can do so much with it. The plugin comes loaded with tons of parameters that you’ll have to explore similar to Trapcode Form. Aside from deep extrusions and mind blowing organic animations, you can also create some really amazing abstract stuff. Here are some abstract screenshots I took of my composition, consider them as abstract wallpapers.

Everything you see was completely created using ShapeShifter. As you can see, the plugin is very versatile and with a bit of color correction, you can achieve some pretty awesome abstract designs. The image above was enhanced with some glow, that’s pretty much it.

This image here I wanted to try something different. Rather than having a flat design like the blue version, I wanted to add a more organic, depth look to ShapeShifter. As you can see, the shading is like “cell shading” and provides a lot of complexity. If you’re interested in a basic tutorial over this, definitely let me know in the comments below! You can download the 720p versions to use as a wallpaper or in your designs through the Facebook page.