Today, After Effects CC as well as many other applications by Adobe received a much welcome major update. There’s a lot of changes across all the Adobe apps, but I want to specifically focus on After Effects.

Some of the major changes include:

  • Effect Masks & composition options for individual effects
  • Two new keying effects: Key Cleaner and Advanced Spill Suppressor
  • HTML5 panels using CEP for more dynamic and interactive content
  • Kuler HTML5 panel
  • Text templates in AE can be edited in Premiere
  • Typekit integration improvements
  • New and updated Curves effect
  • Scripting changes
  • And much more…

You can read a full detailed list of what changed in After Effects CC 2014 here.

John Dickinson from Motionworks made a nice overview video showing off some of the new features of AE CC 2014.

Chris and Trish Meyer wrote a nice in-depth article explaining some of the major updates to AE CC 2014, you can read that article here.

Rich Young also did a nice roundup of resources on the new CC 2014 updates in general, so check out his NAB sneak peak roundup and June release roundup.


Here are the recommended tutorials mentioned on the show:

Graymachine (Harry Frank): Background Design with Primitive Shapes

Mattrunks: 2D Splash FXs with X-Particles

Mattrunks: Create an Illustrative 2D Cel-Shading Render in Cinema 4D

Cineversity: Getting Started with Cinema 4D

Lynda (EJ Hassenfratz): Mograph Techniques: Creating a Sports Bumper

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog show format, I am still working out some of the kinks and trying to find a suitable balance between for the show. If you guys have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave them down below. Next week, we’ll talk about X-Particles in Cinema 4D, so stay tuned. In the meantime, update your Adobe apps and happy designing.