Typing Typewriter Animation in After Effects

Although it seems very specific, you’ll one day finding yourself needing a quick solution to emulate a text typing animation. The animation is useful for simulating a web browser, or perhaps a geeky terminal command line. In this tutorial, we’ll briefly go over some of the expressions to make it happen.

If you’re needing a quick solution, we have a preset made for you, rigged with some simple controls:

Download the typing preset (Requires After Effects CC 2014 13.0 or above)

The preset is rigged with a speed controller, and you can define the cursor style and color. The digital screen look was created using Red Giant Universe’s Holomatrix and Chromatic Aberration plugins.

Let me know if you create anything cool with the preset, I’d love to see it!

2 thoughts on “Typing Typewriter Animation in After Effects

  1. Hi there… thanks for the plugin… is it possible to to have certain words bolded. as the moment as soon as you apply the plugin it replaced the styling to regular font style. Thanks

  2. Hey Buddy,

    I really like this and has helped a lot already but theres one thing I cant seem to figure out.

    How would I go about making it only do the type on effect to one word in a sentence so that it pushes any words before and after it out of the way ?

    really hope this is possible

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