In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to re-create a Siri-style audio waveform spectrum inside After Effects using built-in effects. The easiest method I found was to use the Audio Spectrum effect to do the bulk of the work, and combining it with an Inner Glow layer style. With some minor blending mode adjustments, color tweaks, and an overall glow, you can achieve a pretty convincing effect.

Download the Siri Audio Waveform Template (Requires AE CC 14.2.1+)

The template is rigged to automatically adjust timecodes based on the comp duration, so all you have to do is drag in your audio layer, expand the comp duration to fit your track, and set the audio track in the 3 audio spectrum layers.

If you want to create a ripple wave effect rather than a standing wave, you could try using Trapcode Form to achieve the rippling delay of the wave. By cracking up the particle count and size, blurring it, then clamping the alpha channel with something like “Levels”, you can achieve a similar waveform that ripples.

In the original preview, I also used a fantastic glow plugin called “Deep Glow” by Plugin Everything. It’s a physically realistic glow plugin that gives beautiful results, read my review about it.

Definitely tinker around and play with this technique, a lot more can be done to enhance this and make it look really great. Feel free to share your creations and ideas below.

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