In this tutorial, designer Stefan Holzheu will be showing us how to create DNA strands with Trapcode Tao, the latest plugin from the Trapcode suite. This is a fantastic tutorial to get familiar with Tao and some of its powerful features to create and model 3D objects based on symmetrical paths. Stefan will show how to create the basic structure of the DNA strand, how to texture and color correct the strand for an organic feel, and how to animate and loop the animation for a finished animation.

Download the project file

You can download the project file to get an idea of the detail that goes into making this. Also check out the project file if you’re interested in how the environment was made.


As a biochemistry major, these types of cell and medical animations really intrigue me. If you guys are interested in medical visualizations, this tutorial is definitely a great one for you. Experiment with Tao and Mir and try to create an organic environment for the DNA strand. You can get really creative, especially when you start adding Particular and other fine tweaks to the animation. You don’t have to limit yourself to realistic visualizations either, you can always go the sci-fi route and make some really cool futuristic designs.

More on Stefan Holzheu

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